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Yellow Bowel Movements

The digestive system is designed to absorb vital nutrients and minerals to maintain the health of the entire body, and then efficiently remove toxins threatening that well-being. The timely removal of these wastes is vital for the easy absorption of nutrients to maintain the body’s internal harmony.

Function of the Liver

The liver is a vital organ that acts as the purifier of all of the tainted blood and toxic substances entering the body. When the liver becomes overwhelmed with poisons, frequently disease ensues. This explains why heavy drinkers frequently develop liver diseases. After many years of filtering poisons, the resilience of the liver begins to fade. Most people do not have a serious liver problem, but sometimes liver strength may become compromised due to stress, the chemical-intensive environments in which we live, and definitely from poor eating habits. When this happens, the bile salt the liver uses to break down toxins and nutrients becomes depleted.

Bile salts from the liver are one of the components of a healthy bowel movement, coloring it a light or dark brown. This color signifies bacterial balance, sufficient amounts of fiber, and that the bile is being produced by the body in sufficient amounts.

Reasons for Yellow Bowel Movements

When the color of a bowel movement shifts from this healthy brown color, to yellow, or green, or gray, something may be amiss. For example, yellow bowel movements mean the bile isn’t breaking down the materials moving through the body. In this situation, additional enzymes may be necessary to accomplish the digestive process. If your waste matter is tinged yellow, it’s probably lacking a sufficient amount of bile salt.

Yellow bowel movements could be a sign your liver is compromised, and that it could benefit from a liver cleanse or herbal supplementation (such as digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid) to aid in breaking down food. These supplements will support the liver so it can function as it should.

Harmful organisms in the digestive tract are another possible cause for yellow bowel movements. Frequently, the real problem is that your intestines do not contain enough beneficial bacteria to combat the invading microorganisms. The yellow bowel movements may simply indicate the presence of the bacteria in your digestive tract. Stools can also become discolored when an infection is at work. You can increase the population of beneficial bacteria to promote digestive health through ingestion of Probiotics—special supplements such as Latero-Flora™ that replenish the body’s natural flora.

Another possible reason for yellow bowel movements may be that waste is moving too quickly through the gastrointestinal tract (thus causing a rush in nutrient breakdown) so undigested organic matter remains in the waste. If waste moves out of the body without going through all of its normal processes, a color change may be rendered in the final product.

When performing a colon cleanse, bowel color can be altered somewhat as the toxin-laden waste is being evacuated from the body quickly. This accumulated, old waste matter can be formed into yellow bowel movements as well. If constipation pain or abdominal cramping is associated with your bowel movements, it is wise to consult a healthcare practitioner to ensure something more serious isn’t the underlying cause.

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