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Treatment for Constipation

A review of common treatment for constipation methods and preventative measures including diet, exercise, hydration, medications, laxatives, herbal remedies, improving bowel habits, and colon cleansing.

Stress and Constipation

Stress and constipation often go hand in hand. Learn about the causes and dangers of stress and how stress can lead to constipation. Includes details on fighting stress and reducing your constipation.

Constipation During Pregnancy

Learn about constipation during pregnancy, its symptoms, causes, and the results of being constipated while pregnant.

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Constipation In Pregnancy

Why does constipation and pregnancy often seem to go hand in hand, especially during the early stages? Learn about the causes of constipation in pregnancy, negative health effects and symptoms of pregnancy constipation (such as hemorrhoids, cramps, and incontinence), and natural methods for reducing your constipation symptoms.

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Diarrhea During Pregnancy

It’s not uncommon for a mother-to-be to experience diarrhea during pregnancy. If you ask any mother, they will tell you first-hand what a womans body goes through during pregnancy. Learn more about the various reasons why diarrhea occurs during pregnancy and what you can do to prevent future infections.

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Cleansing the Colon and Women’s Health

In a perfect world of organic foods free of pesticides, hormones, preservatives, and other chemicals, your colon could absorb nutrients and eliminate waste unaided. However, modern food is almost always chemically altered, drinking water is often tainted, and cleansing the colon and women’s health are linked moreso than you may realize. Learn how colon cleansing can reduce constipation symptoms and help restore or achieve optimal health.

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Pregnancy Constipation

Pregnancy constipation is a common symptom especially during the early stages of the reproductive cycle. Discover the connection between hormones and constipation, plus how improving diet can relieve constipation during pregnancy.

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