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White Bowel Movement

If you have ever experienced a white bowel movement, you may be feeling a bit concerned about what is causing it, as well you should.  White waste can be a sign of serious issues, or at least indicate you have a poorly functioning digestive system.

Normal Bowel Movement

There is no one standard defining a “normal” bowel movement.  Since everyone’s body and diet are different, logically so are their bowel movements. For the most part, a normal bowel movement can range anywhere from pale yellow to green in color. In the majority of people, however, a normal bowel movement takes on a light brown to dark brown pigmentation. Gray stool and black stool are both considered abnormal, as is a white bowel movement.

Possible Life-Threatening Causes of a White B.M.

A bowel movement that is white throughout the stool may indicate problems with the liver or the biliary system.  Bile is responsible for creating the colors commonly seen in waste matter. If there is a problem with these systems, the bile may not be formulated correctly and a white bowel movement can result.

If you produce a bowel movement that is white all the way through, it is important to consult with a physician specializing in digestive disorders so he or she may conduct a liver test.  This testing will include blood work, which will likely result in an abnormal reading, and having a physical examination of your liver by pushing on your abdomen.  If you are experiencing pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen, this is another indicator of potential liver problems.

Other Reasons for White Waste Matter

If your body digests food too quickly, you might also experience a white bowel movement from the waste being covered with mucus. This mucus is your colon’s way of protecting itself from the unhealthy foods you eat. In response to these bad foods, the colon creates mucus to cover the waste.  Therefore, if the waste passes through your body too fast, the mucus may not be digested before the B.M. is eliminated.

Although the thought may not be pleasant, you can determine whether or not your white bowel movement is caused by mucus by soaking the stool in water. When placed in water, the mucus covering the stool will actually disintegrate. This should be apparent with the toilet as long as its water is not treated or otherwise altered with chemical dyes, perfumes, bleaches, etc.

Having a small amount of mucus in your stool is considered normal, as your digestive system naturally produces it  to help move waste more efficiently. Having large amounts of mucus (so that it appears you’re having a white bowel movement) isn’t normal and could suggest your bowels need to be cleansed.

Eliminating White Bowel Movement Caused by Mucus

If you wish to rid your waste of mucus, you need to make your colon healthier. Once you have achieved an optimum colon, you likely will not experience a white bowel movement again.

The first thing you should do is cleanse your bowels. The mucus in your bowel movement indicates your digestive system is in dire need of a cleansing. The best method for colon cleansing is to take advantage of an oxygen-based cleanser such as Oxy-Powder®. With an oxygen-based supplement, the accumulated waste within your digestive system is liquefied so it can be easily removed from your body.

You could also try colonic irrigation to cleanse your colon, but many people find this process uncomfortable because it involves placing tubes inside your rectum. With a product like Oxy-Powder®, however, you just take a few pills to get the job done.

While using Oxy-Powder®, you might still experience a few discolored bowel movements during the cleansing process.  In fact, the amount of apparent mucus in your bowel movements will likely increase as it is gradually removed. After the initial cleansing period, you should no longer experience any white bowel movements.

Now that your colon has been properly cleaned, it’s time to make a few dietary and lifestyle improvements to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Ideally, you should continue using a colon cleanser occasionally to help maintain your colon health. Regardless, you should also increase your intake of fiber and water, and ramp up your exercise regimen. Try eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while also drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day. Also, pick up a hobby that gets you up and out of the house, even if it’s just walking a mile or two a few times a week. No matter what colors you see in your bowel movements, taking better care of your body should help things return to their natural state . . . inside and out!

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