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Understanding Cleansing

Cleansing your body sounds simple enough, but your first thought probably involved taking a shower or bath. If you wish to achieve optimum health, you must cleanse your body on the inside as well. By performing an occasional “internal spring cleaning”, you can rid your body of unhealthy substances that have built up over time. As a result, your body can work more efficiently and be more likely to fend off illness.

Defining The Cleanse

Cleansing BenefitsTo fully understand the benefits, it is helpful to have a clearer idea of what a cleanse entails. In its most basic terms, a body cleanse is a process helping to remove toxins and waste from your body. The primary target for this type of procedure is the colon, which can become backed up with accumulated if not impacted waste. This can lead to a whole host of health issues ranging from chronic constipation to ongoing feelings of fatigue.

As a natural reaction to the bad foods you eat, your colon will create mucus and sludge. This mucus and sludge is intended to protect the lining of the colon, but it can clog it up in the process. As a result, your waste is unable to move through your bowels efficiently and the stagnant waste causes toxins to be absorbed by your body. As these toxins are absorbed, your body becomes weakened and tired, which also makes it less resistant to illness.

Cleansing Methods

There are many ways to perform a colon cleanse. Some people choose enemas as “the ol’ reliable”, others make dietary improvements, and still others use herbal supplements. The safest and most effective method involves implementing a high fiber diet, drinking plenty of fluids (preferably pure water), engaging in regular exercise, and using a supplement such as Oxy-Powder®.

Oxy-Powder® is a safe alternative to the harsh side effects of laxatives, such as chemical dependency and weakened colon muscles, and it won’t interfere with your normal routine. This all-natural supplement works in a relatively benign manner by oxygenating your digestive tract so the waste matter is lifted from your colon, liquefied, and then be naturally expelled from your body.

Benefits of Colon Cleaning

Whether you are in good health or not, an occasional colon cleanse should be a part of your regular maintenance plan. If you are already in good health, it will help you keep yourself that way. In addition, you might be surprised to discover you have mucus, sludge, or even “intestinal invaders” that need removing. But you will find yourself feeling your best after you cleanse your body!

Many experts agree these intestinal scavengers are a major problem, even within the United States. In fact, the current estimate is that 150 million Americans have organisms in them at this very moment! This is because organisms are so easy to transmit, via contact with unclean water, food, or even soil, yet their existence remains difficult to diagnose. They can be passed on in meat, fruit, and vegetables for example. Pets can also infect their owners, especially by licking the hands, feet, or face. Because intestinal invaders are so small, because there are so many different types, and because they phase through their life cycles so quickly, most invasions go unrecognized and untreated. If your colon is not clean, you probably have a perfect breeding ground for these potentially life-threatening organisms.

If you are feeling ill, or even if you suffer from fatigue, a round of internal cleaning may help you overcome your illness. There are a number of illnesses associated with having an unclean colon. These include Crohn’s disease, acne, colitis, allergies, joint and muscle pain, and backaches. Constipation is another problem, perhaps the integral one, which can be easily and quickly diminished with a colon cleanse.

In addition to helping you fight off your illness, this healthful practice can help you appear better too. Many people discover their hair, nails, and skin look healthier and more vibrant after cleaning out their colons. Many people actually lose weight as well! Some individuals have reported losing as much as 20 pounds in unwanted fecal matter, sludge, and mucus!

Knowing If You Achieved Success

There are a number of signs you can watch for to determine if you are now on your way to improved health. The first sign will be in the actual stool. More than likely, you will notice that your stool is dark and may even appear shiny. This is because the sludge and the mucus have been removed from your colon. You might also see strange “guests” in your stool as they are removed from your colon.

If you had a substantial build up in your colon to begin with, you might shed a few unwanted pounds. If you don’t actually lose much weight, you will likely feel lighter once the unwanted waste is gone. You should also begin to feel some of the health benefits offered by a thorough colon cleanse. You will likely begin to feel more energetic and, if you used to experience frequent headaches or stomachaches, these will likely go away too. In addition, your bowel movements should be much more regular and easier. Try it out—you have nothing to lose but that garbage in your gut!

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