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The Root of Many Skin Problems is a Toxic Colon

The aging of your skin often starts in the colon. A toxic colon can cause blemishes, rashes, pale skin, black heads, oily skin, and wrinkles. The skin reflects the health of the colon. Beautiful skin comes from a healthy colon

Beautiful skin and a clean colon go together. The purer the colon, the nicer the skin. Healthy skin has a slight pink color to it. But as the colon becomes toxic, the skin often looks pale and has a sickly tone to it. A toxic colon causes the skin to lose its radiance.

Bad skin comes from a bad colon. Old-time doctors always checked the appearance of the skin. They knew this reflected the health of the body and the colon. Constipation always leads to poor skin tone. Toxic blood from a toxic colon goes to the skin and prematurely ages it.

No make-up or skin creams can negate the effects of a toxic colon. All you are doing is covering up the problem. Soft, rosy skin comes from a clean colon. Believe it or not, many people barely go to the bathroom for days. A young minister from New Jersey, claims to have a movement once every four days. One woman went to the bathroom once every week. Many women are like this. They don’t know it but they are prime candidates for breast cancer.

A toxic colon creates premature wrinkles. When your colon is constipated, the cells of your body become constipated. Toxins back-up in the arteries, the veins, the lymph and eventually all the cells. This poisons the blood. You become a walking garbage can. This is where most diseases start. “Death begins in the colon.”

A clogged colon blocks nutrients from being absorbed. Your body can only extract 5 to 10% of the nutrition you eat. You can take the best nutrients in the world, but they just pass on through. This creates pale skin.

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