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Soft Stool

Having healthy stool with soft consistency is a good thing. If you have soft stool but still having regular bowel movements, you probably are in good shape as far as your digestive system goes. How do you know if your stool consistency is ideal though?

The Bristol scale describes normal, healthy stools as being soft and snake-like. If your stools are watery or liquid in composition, they are too soft. Liquid stool can be a sign of a viral infection such as diarrhea or it could be the result of a colon cleansing supplement breaking down compacted waste. If your stool is hard and uncomfortable to pass, however, this is also an indication that your colon health needs to be rectified.

The Bristol Stool Scale

The Bristol scale was developed by two individuals at the University of Bristol. The descriptions on the scale can help you determine the quality of your bowel movements and whether or not you have proper or poor digestive health.

  • Types one and two on the scale are hard, lumpy and difficult to pass, which indicates constipation.
  • Type three and four on the scale are easy to pass and either smooth like a snake or cracked but still sausage like and soft.

The last two types represent normal bowel movements. The rest of the bowel movements on the scale vary on up to “mushy and watery stool” which can point to diarrhea and severe health problems like Cholera.

The Importance of Bowel Regularity

To have ideal, soft stool, it’s important to have regular, healthy movements. Keeping your body well hydrated and including healthful food choices on your menu will promote the formation of soft stool. When you become constipated, you experience stools that are difficult to pass from your colon. Many factors can clog up your system. If you are not producing regular, soft stool, it’s worth investigating what could be causing the trouble.

On the other hand, if you have constant diarrhea or bowel movements that seem too liquid, you should also see what’s going on. You might have a problem with your bowels or pancreas or you could be suffering from a digestive related disease.

Healthy, soft stool indicates good bowel health. Good bowel health can then translate into good overall health. People who have overcome constipation usually report better overall health. When you are constipated and have to strain to produce a bowel movement, it can negatively affect your everyday life. Problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome can make life difficult, but having regular bowel movements can improve the quality of your life.

Symptoms of Bowel Trouble

People with constipation can become bloated and overweight, they can develop halitosis and body odor, and they can experience skin problems from having a toxic bowel. Your bowel needs to be clean to operate at peak efficiency. If not, you will produce hard bowel movements and this can lead to other an array of health problems.

People with a family history of bowel disease or colon cancer should pay very close attention to their bowel movements. Studying the Bristol scale and gauging your bowel movements can give you a good idea of what your digestive system is doing, for example, if you’re having hard or soft stool.

Other Methods for Achieving Soft Stool

Increase Fiber Intake

Looking at your diet to see how much fiber you’re taking in is also important. Learn to read food labels for nutrition information and start keeping a meal journal to track your dietary habits. By limiting your intake of fatty, chemical-heavy, and processed foods, and increasing your hydration levels and fiber consumption, you have a better chance of passing soft stool. Basically, improving your lifestyle can help keep your colon clean and functioning properly.

Try a Colon Cleansing Supplement for Soft Stool

If you have a family history of bowel problems and feel like your eliminatory habits are not ideal, consider using a colon cleansing supplement like Oxy-Powder®. Oxy-Powder® can help clear a minor bowel obstruction, cleanse your colon thoroughly, and also help purge toxic waste matter making your colon ill.

Oxy-Powder® encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in your digestive system to aid in digestion. Perhaps most importantly, Oxy-Powder® helps your body form consistently soft stool so you don’t experience pain while trying to have a bowel movement, and that alone can make the difference between having a horrible day or a great one.

Critically examining your daily habits, such as what you eat and drink and how much you exercise, will help you know if you’re doing all you can to produce regular, soft stool. Just consider the following questions:

  1. Do you smoke or work in unclean air?
  2. Do you have regular bowel movements and are they easy to pass?
  3. Does your family history contain a high percentage of cancer-related deaths?

Looking at the big picture now with respect to your digestive health may ward off illness in your future. Because colon health directly relates to overall health and the quality of your existence, it’s important to proactively manage your life before it’s too late.

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