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Herbal remedies can be used for gastrointestinal difficulties such as constipation, colon cleansing, and weight loss. In most cases, herbs are a preferred supplement in lieu of synthetic drugs or chemical laxatives. Some herbs and cleansers are safer than others. Senna is an herb that has been utilized for centuries because of its laxative effect; it is currently the active ingredient in many bulk laxative and fiber supplements. It can also be found in certain tea infusions. This herbal supplement is frequently used for weight loss purposes. However, due to the dangerous nature of this herb, it should be avoided!

Effects of Herbal Supplements

Senna should be used with caution for many reasons. The herb works by stimulating (irritating) the lining of the colon to induce a bowel movement. This irritation will in turn cause the intestines to become so irritated the nerves will initiate the muscular movements inside the colon so it will purge itself of waste. This is how you obtain a bowel movement with such herbs.

Some herbal supplements work by simply adding additional fiber to the diet. Stimulant laxatives are dangerous because they can actually harm the body if used repeatedly. Over time, the bowels can become dependent on this stimulant to produce a bowel movement, and this diminishes the body’s natural ability to operate. It can also cause nerve and muscle damage in the large intestine that may or may not be reversible.

Therefore, Senna does get the bowels moving but presents negative health consequences as well. This powerful herb can alter the natural balance of nutrients within the body, sometimes with severely detrimental results. It can also block the absorption of potassium, electrolytes, and water into the body by the intestines. This can lead to a dangerous imbalance and ultimately dehydration.

Dangers of Senna

Additional side effects of using this herb include abdominal cramping, nausea, and diarrhea. In worst-case scenarios, the diarrhea may damage the anal sphincter and irritate other sensitive tissues within the colon. People with inflammatory diseases or chronic conditions should avoid this herb as it may exacerbate their condition and irritate already-damaged tissues.

Senna can cause severe allergic reactions as well. People with no prior history of allergies can suddenly develop them after being exposed to this substance. The herb has been documented as causing skin rashes, especially in children. Weakened bones and joints can be largely attributed to the loss of nutrients by the herb blocking their absorption into the bloodstream.

Reasons for Taking Supplements

Senna is a popular weight loss ingredient, largely because it can decrease a person’s appetite and interfere with the body’s ability to process calories. These are dangerous measures to take, however, because it occurs at the cost of having an independently functioning body. As mentioned, electrolyte imbalances can occur and when potassium is in short supply, heart troubles are sure to follow.

Persons already taking medications should be wary of ingesting this herb, as it can interact with many drugs or render them inert. With prescription or over-the-counter drugs, negative side effects of any sort could lead to disastrous outcomes.

When seeking a healthful, safe, and natural remedy for promoting weight-loss, improving overall health, helping to cleanse the colon, or just maintaining regular bowel movements, you should avoid all stimulant laxatives such as Senna, Cascara sagrada, or Psyllium. Oxy-Powder® is an excellent example of an organic colon cleanser that works! Oxy-Powder® isn’t habit forming so the body doesn’t become dependent on it. Oxy-Powder® contains only natural ingredients that won’t harshly stimulate the digestive system to produce bowel movements.

Using Oxy-Powder® will not alter the absorption of necessary nutrients, so you can safely manage your weight. Some fiber and herbal cleansing products, such as Senna laxatives, can actually create ideal circumstances for constipation if you aren’t careful about drinking enough fluids. Oxy-Powder® is really just an organic supplement—a dietary aid to complement the improvements you should be making to achieve a healthy lifestyle and diet. No colon cleanser or product of any kind can take the place of you preventing problems the best way, by avoiding them in the first place!

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