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Senna Tea

Have you thought about trying Senna tea to help you lose weight or for laxative effects? Senna tea is widely available in health stores and on the Internet and is also marketed for weight loss and organ cleansing. Several popular cleanses suggest drinking a daily dose of Senna tea while doing a colon cleanse.

What You Need to Know About Senna

Senna Tea

Drinking a product that’s made into a tea can be difficult to quantify in terms of safe dosages because steeping herbs in water will produce varied levels of strength each time you prepare the tea. Senna is not only sold as a natural herb or tea but is also an ingredient in many over-the-counter laxatives. Senna stimulates the colon and can cause a fairly rapid bowel movement to occur.

Side Effects of Senna Tea

Many people are taking this herb without information on potential side effects. There have been cases where people have had adverse reactions or even died because they didn’t know about the potential side effects from ingesting Senna tea or similar products. Herbs are not restricted by the same guidelines as prescription medications, so anyone who wants to take an herbal supplement should conduct their own research before taking it.

Many people believe that just because Senna tea is sold in a store or online it must be safe. This misconception does not always hold up. Many people who take herbs could be consuming ingredients with a potential for severely adverse reactions, especially when it comes to laxatives.


It’s important to learn everything you can about the herbs you plan to take. If you are taking a product for an intended benefit, you cannot add something else to your regimen without considering the potential contraindications. Some products are not contraindicated but still have dosage safety guidelines that you must follow.

For example, Senna can enhance the potency of other herbs you might be taking and this could cause an adverse reaction if you take too much of either one. Senna can interfere with prescription diuretics and heart medication. Senna has also been known to intensify the effects of such herbs as yellow dock, alder buckhorn, rhubarb, aloe vera, and Rhamnus Purshiana. Most people consult with a doctor or an experienced herbalist before adding new herbs to their diet as a general precaution.


Because Senna tea is actually a bowel stimulant, it should never be taken for an extended period of time. Bowel stimulant laxatives can cause physical dependency. Because these types of products stimulate the bowel muscles, they can cause you to lose bowel tone over time. Many elderly people suffer from problems with bowel tone due to extended laxative abuse. Because Senna tea can irritate the bowels, people with bowel disease, digestive disorders, ulcers, or hemorrhoids should abstain from using this product. Most herbal teas don’t list “warning” information on the box so many people who drink them are unaware of the risk.

Physiological Changes

By drinking Senna tea on a regular basis (and believing it’s good for you because it’s an herb), you could be putting your health at risk. Senna can also diminish your potassium levels. If your potassium levels are drastically reduced, your heart rhythm can be altered or you can become physically weak. Some people have taken Senna tea as a weight loss product because it reduces appetite and also gives a laxative effect. Long-term use of Senna can weaken bones as well as promote clubbing (rounding) of your fingers. Senna has also been reported to cause abdominal cramping and changes in the color of urine.

A Safe Alternative to Drinking Senna Tea

Today, many people are searching for natural methods to address their health issues. For constipation symptoms, many people believe it’s better to try an oxygen-based colon cleanser instead of a harsh herbal product. Using Senna tea for constipation is not the best option just because it’s one of the main ingredients of many commercial laxatives.

If you are suffering from constipation symptoms, using an oxygen cleanser is a very effective way to break down compacted waste matter as well as benefit from oxygenation of your blood.

Oxy-Powder® is an all-natural product containing organic Germanium-132, an oxygen carrier that helps infuse your body with this vital element. Oxy-Powder® doesn’t cause harsh abdominal cramping, change your heart rhythms, or lower potassium levels.

On the contrary, Oxy-Powder® not only helps to cleanse your bowels with oxygen but it can support your immune system with its natural minerals and other ingredients. In fact, Oxy-Powder® has been clinically proven to help with the symptoms of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Many people just fail to realize they can carry several pounds of weight in the form of old fecal matter and this can make them ill without being aware of it. When weighing the two options (a safe aid for breaking down toxic waste versus an herb with dangerous side effects), its clear there is a safer way to cleanse the body. Trust your instinct and use a product that won’t give you more problems or react to your medications. Trust Oxy-Powder®!

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