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Senna Leaf

Senna leaf has been used for centuries as a natural way to reduce the painful effects of constipation. With the recent surge in the popularity of homeopathic medicine, many people may be misinformed as to the real effect of using Senna leaf. These individuals could actually be causing themselves more harm than good.

Senna leaf, as with many herbs, possesses very powerful medicinal properties. Many people mistakenly believe just because a product is a “natural” herb, it can be taken with no worries and nothing bad will happen. Sadly, these individuals should have done more homework, because they couldn’t be farther from the truth!

What’s Wrong with Senna?

Drug Contraindications

One of the major problems with taking senna or drinking senna tea is that it can create a potassium deficiency which, in turn, can increase the effects of cardiotonic glycosides such as Digitalis. Some people take these herbs for heart difficulties, but the addition of Senna could lead to a dangerous reaction. Also, if taken with other types of laxatives, the Anthraquinones compounds of Senna could dramatically increase the action of the other laxative and you would wind up with a violent case of diarrhea.

Many people take Senna leaf for constipation without paying attention to mitigating factors such as duration or intensity. Senna leaf is not meant to treat chronic constipation, and should be used to help with only an occasional bout of mild constipation. Someone with chronic constipation needs to handle the problem differently than someone with just a mild case.

Dangerous for Pregnant Women

In addition, Senna is another herb that should be completely avoided by pregnant women. Senna’s stimulating properties can lead to premature contractions of the uterus. The powerful herbal compounds are also detectable in mother’s milk, so lactating mothers should avoid the herb as well since it could cause harm in the sensitive digestive system of a child.

Digestive Difficulties

Taking too much Senna leaf can result in chronic diarrhea, severe nausea, or even painful stomach cramps. You may also notice your urine has taken on a reddish hue after ingesting senna leaf, even though this is a relatively harmless but certainly disconcerting side effect since you may mistake it for blood.


Taking senna for a prolonged period is not recommended because it can disturb the water and electrolyte balance in the body. It can affect the electrolyte balance so significantly, the results could be fatal if not addressed in time.

Injury to Your Organs

Chronic usage of Senna leaf has been found to cause Pseudomelanosis coli which is associated with colorectal cancer. It’s also well documented that ingesting Senna can seriously damage your liver function. Patients who have taken Senna leaf for extended periods have experienced everything from slight liver enzyme alterations to chronic liver disease to total liver failure.

Many people drink tea made from Senna leaves because they believe it speeds up metabolism for weight loss purposes. The Senna, in fact, is causing you to lose water weight because of the constant and powerful diarrhea. Dehydration is not far behind and the teas are also quite addictive. You may soon find yourself unable to have a bowel movement without taking more Senna and then your body has effectively stopped working on its own.

It Just Doesn’t Work

Another reason many people use Senna leaf is for colon cleansing. Senna leaf is absolutely not recommended for cleansing purposes! It can be confusing when someone spends a lot of time in the bathroom due to the diarrhea and you tell them they’re not really cleansing their colon after all. You see so much “product” coming out from the Senna so you think it’s effective, but you have to understand-forcing you to have a harsh bowel movement isn’t cleansing your colon out at all because it addresses the symptom (the waste) not the underlying condition (the weakened colon). Senna just gives you diarrhea and dehydrates your body in the process.

Cleansing your colon is a great idea but to do it right, you need to use a product designed specifically with that goal in mind. Senna leaf stimulates the colon like a drug. It doesn’t cleanse anything.

The Safe Alternative for Colon Cleansing

To achieve all the remarkable benefits of colon cleansing, you need an organic product like Oxy-Powder®. Oxy-Powder® is a unique and highly effective colon cleanser using just three ingredients (oxygenated magnesium and natural citric acid) to liquefy old waste matter. The high levels of oxygen generated by the compound also leave your colon feeling lighter and cleaner. The bloated and gaseous feeling to which you’re accustomed can be significantly reduced, and you can actually notice your stomach looking flatter after you purge your body of accumulated food junk. Plus, unlike herbal colon cleansers made from Senna leaf and other dangerous substances, Oxy-Powder® is completely non-addictive. You can take it on a regular basis for maintenance or a few times a year, in higher doses, for more thorough colon cleansing efforts.

The average colon is packed with anywhere between five and twenty pounds of waste matter hiding in the tiny corners and crevices. There’s literally nothing that you can do to get rid of it yourself. If that were the case, obesity wouldn’t be the problem it is nowadays. This waste is lining the walls of your colon, making it near impossible for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs from your food.

Imagine how you would feel if you could flush out that waste and receive the nutritional benefits of the foods you eat? You would probably sleep better, look better, and feel better once your metabolism begins correcting itself naturally. You avoid sickness because over 70% of the body’s immune system is located in the colon and, after being cleansed, it can concentrate on healing the body and fighting infections.

When your colon is dirty, toxins are constantly building up. When you become constipated, the toxins can’t be easily expelled from your body so it has to find other ways to purge them. Many times, toxins exit the skin via sweating. Other times, the blood reabsorbs toxins and this leads to auto-toxicity or otherwise self-poisoning.

Using a product like Oxy-Powder® to cleanse your colon is the right choice to make. Using an herbal laxative like Senna leaf is not. With so many potential problems with taking Senna, the only thing “natural” about it is that you’ll want to naturally avoid it out of sheer survival instinct!

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