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Sea Salt Laxative

Many diets suggest using sea salt as a laxative. Sea salt possesses healing properties and it shouldn’t be confused with the concerns about consuming large amounts of refined salt.

Health Benefits of Sea Salt

A sea salt laxative can provide many positive health benefits:

  • Help with respiratory and sinus problems
  • Correcting electrolyte imbalances
  • Stabilizing heart rate
  • Detoxifying the body
  • A natural antihistamine
  • A cold treating solution
  • Relief for muscle aches and pains

What is the Purpose of A Sea Salt Laxative?

Using a sea salt laxative is believed to assist in cleansing the digestive system. In a sea salt body system flush, you mix non-iodized or unrefined sea salt with warm water and drink it. Some people suggest you can add lemon juice to the solution to make it a little more palatable. In fact, sea salt is a component used in the Lemonade Diet (also known as the Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet).

Because of the cleansing affect of the salt mixed along with the fact it helps hydrate you, a sea salt laxative is a component of many homemade health cleanses. Natural salt is an important component of your body chemistry and many sports drinks have salt as well as sugar to help balance your electrolytes after physical exertion.

The sea salt laxative is used to create an internal bath for drawing toxins out of your body. Sea salt contains about eighty different minerals and some people have reported great benefits to their overall health from using sea salt. Many people now buy sea salt instead of iodized salt to use in their everyday cooking. Sea salt is preferable because, when salt is iodized, the refining process removes most of the valuable minerals. Plus, chemical additives are put into the salt to preserve it on the supermarket shelf.

What to Expect From Ingesting Sea Salt

Within an hour or two after drinking the sea salt laxative solution (which usually consists of about 2 quarts of water and two teaspoons of the salt), you can expect to have a bowel movement. Saltwater taken on an empty stomach is said to cause muscle contractions and this can promote a bowel movement. Many people report hearing their stomachs gurgle and have reported diarrhea symptoms, so if you take a sea salt laxative, be sure you have ready access to a bathroom. Most people recommend you take any form of laxative at home when you don’t have to go out for a while.

Many commercial laxatives are made with a saline solution, which is in essence salt and sterile water. Because laxatives produce fairly rapid results, they’re often used when someone is preparing for examination or surgery or to rapidly flush out bad food or a medication overdose, or even when a stool sample is required quickly.

A Safer Option for Colon Cleansing

Sea salt can be used safely as a laxative, but when you need a reliable option for colon cleansing sometimes an alternate solution can be more effective. For example, you can try an oxygen based intestinal cleanser instead of drinking a salty solution.

Oxy-Powder® works to cleanse decaying waste matter from the internal walls of your intestines and colon. Taking Oxy-Powder® is as safe as taking salt water but without the harsh taste. Many people who try to drink a sea salt laxative during the Master Cleanse find they have trouble swallowing it and they often vomit from the taste. Oxy-Powder®, on the other hand, is sold in Kosher certified vegetable capsules that are easy to take at any time.

Many people try Oxy-Powder® for an initial ten day cleanse or they simply use it as a maintenance tool to help stay regular. Using a natural cleansing agent over a harsh over-the-counter laxative can bestow many positive health benefits.

Over-the-counter laxatives just stimulate your colon into artificially having a bowel movement and can also cause chemical dependency and reduced bowel tone. Using natural means, such as improving your diet and increasing the amount of water you drink, is probably the best way to help you have regular bowel movements.

Whether you try the sea salt laxative or an oxygen colon cleanser, having regular bowel movements can help keep your colon clean for better overall health. Many people who are constipated and don’t do anything about it are risking health problems later in life. Your colon can turn on you if it’s left in a state of ill repair. When you ignore constipation symptoms or simply take an occasional laxative without improving your lifestyle, your bowels can become filled with toxin-heavy waste. Once you take control and start improving your colon health, you’ll be sure to notice the change in your life!

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