Relieving Constipation

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Treatment for Constipation

A review of common treatment for constipation methods and preventative measures including diet, exercise, hydration, medications, laxatives, herbal remedies, improving bowel habits, and colon cleansing.

Stress and Constipation

Stress and constipation often go hand in hand. Learn about the causes and dangers of stress and how stress can lead to constipation. Includes details on fighting stress and reducing your constipation.

Relief for Constipation

Many methods can provide relief for constipation, but a natural approach is best. Learn how to analyze poop and discover effective methods for relieving constipation including diet, exercise, and organic colon cleansing.

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Stewed Prunes

Stewed prunes contain a mild colonic stimulant and can be used as a natural laxative. People who suffer from constipation find that prunes are a safer alternative to over the counter laxatives.

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Laxative Abuse

Laxative abuse, just like any other form, can lead to severe medical complications. Learn more about what you can do should you become addicted to laxatives.

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Natural Laxatives

Over the counter laxatives can be harmful to your digestive system. If you’re suffering from constipation, natural laxatives offer a safe alternative.

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There are many different types of laxatives, each presenting their own unique benefits and side effects. Learn about which laxative best suits your needs and how to use an organic colon cleansing supplement as a safe alternative.

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Prunes may be used as a natural stimulant laxative. However, excessive consumption may actually damage your colon. Learn about a special prune recipe which can help remedy constipation.

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Stool Softener

A stool softener can be an effective remedy in treating constipation, however, different stool softeners have different side effects. Learn about the dangers of stool softeners.

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Natural Laxative

Natural laxative is an alternative way to remedy constipation. Learn about the different types of laxatives that have been used throughout history which are still being used today.

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Sea Salt Laxative

Do you know about the health benefits of sea salt? Natural sea salt can help alleviate sinus, electrolyte, muscle aches, and other conditions; but what is the purpose of a sea salt laxative? Learn about what to expect from ingesting sea salt plus a safer option for colon cleansing!

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Intestinal Spasm Relief

With some chronic colon diseases, the nerves and muscles responsible for peristalsis begin to malfunction, leading one to need effective intestinal spasm relief.

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