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Relief for Constipation

Are you seeking relief for constipation? Constipation is an unpleasant digestive complication that can rear its ugly head repeatedly in a lifetime. When you’re desperate for constipation relief and time won’t stop just because you’re uncomfortable, it can make you utterly miserable.

You still need to work, complete household chores, or just provide for your family. Constipation can slow you down, but you can’t stop altogether or wallow in misery. The best course of action is to keep your body well hydrated and fueled with healthful, high-fiber foods so digestion progresses naturally and constipation occurrences are minimized.

Methods for Relieving Constipation:

constipation reliefConstipation can be managed either on a reactive or proactive basis. A reactive way to obtain relief for constipation is to wait until you can no longer have normal bowel movements before you begin to rectify the situation. When you haven’t had a bowel movement for several days and begin to feel uncomfortable, you may even consider using a laxative to obtain relief for constipation.

Reactive Approach

A laxative can be fast acting and can bring temporary relief for constipation. One of the problems, however, is that laxatives can be harsh and can render you practically a prisoner of your bathroom. Laxatives can also negatively affect your digestive health if you use them too often. Some people become reliant on laxatives from overuse because their digestive system becomes addicted to their ingredients and can no longer function unaided. In fact, if you use such stimulants regularly to help you have bowel movements, eventually your colon may not function well on its own without that chemical motivation.

Proactive Approach

A good, proactive remedy could be just improving dietary and lifestyle factors. Effective relief for constipation involves: increasing fiber, staying well hydrated, and engaging in regular exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to promote good bowel health. Even walking can help improve your digestive motility.

A large portion of waste material is water and this helps facilitate natural elimination. When you don’t have a daily bowel movement, water is absorbed back into your body and this leaves your feces dry and hard, which makes passage difficult and painful. It’s especially important to drink lots of clean, pure water for this reason. Regrettably, the average person consumes far too many diuretics like colas and other caffeinated beverages. Your entire body will benefit from hydrating with clean, pure water.

How to Analyze Poop

When you examine your feces, the appearance of it can be very indicative of the efficiency of your digestive system.  Even if you’re having regular bowel movements but they are type 1 or type 2 stools, this is an indication of constipation. The Bristol Scale (developed by doctors at Bristol University) describes type 1 stools as separate, hard lumps of waste that can be painful to pass.  Type 2 stools aren’t as separated (they’re usually very lumpy) but are still not easy to pass. Both types indicate bowel trouble of some kind and changes in your diet or lifestyle may help provide relief for constipation.

When you have regular, easy to pass bowel movements, this can indicate better colon health. Eating high fiber foods can help prevent or bring relief for constipation. Eating bran cereal and drinking plenty of beneficial liquids can help. Taking natural bulking agents like Psyllium can also help you notice a dramatic difference in your ability to pass a bowel movement both in frequency and in ease. Fruits and vegetables and fresh (unsweetened) juices can also facilitate better-formed stools.

Exercise to Relieve Constipation

Exercise can make a big difference in how frequently you become constipated. Many people eating unhealthy foods also tend not to exercise—this is a factor of having an unhealthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling constipated, you might notice that after taking a walk or doing something physically active for a short period of time, you’re able to relieve yourself naturally. Even moderate exercise can have a positive impact on your digestive function.

Organic Colon Cleansing Provides Relief for Constipation

Some people turn to all-natural supplements to help ensure easy and regular bowel movements.  A product like Oxy-Powder® that’s oxygen based, available in vegetable capsules, and is non-addictive. Oxy-Powder® isn’t a harsh stimulant and is safe to use for constipation relief. This organic colon cleanser has a money back guarantee and is used by many individuals including celebrities to remove bloating, aid in cleansing the digestive system, and help detoxify your colon.

When you’re constipated all the time, you can end up with an accumulation of health-debilitating waste in your system. You may feel like you’re having regular bowel movements that occur every few days, but are you sure your colon and digestive system are operating at their peak efficiency?  Oxy-Powder® works gently and can help you bolster your immune system, and reduce excess gas and body odor as well as give you an increased feeling of overall well-being.

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