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Natural Therapies Cleansing

If you are interested in cleansing your colon, there are a number of natural therapies cleansing methods you can utilize.  It is important to explore several different methods to find the one that works best for you. You may discover combining a number of different approaches is the most effective strategy for your unique system.  Take time to explore each method and you consider what works best for you.

Improving Your Diet

One of the many different natural therapies cleansing methods from which you can choose involves just making simple, positive changes in your diet. By including beneficial foods in your diet and reducing harmful, culinary choices, you can improve the overall function of your digestive system as well as your general health.

You should definitely include high fiber foods in your diet. Fiber is usually found in plant material. Therefore, fruits, vegetables, and grains are high in fiber. When looking for grains, such as breads and bran cereals, to include in your diet, make sure they are indeed whole grain products and not “bleached” or “enriched”. The whole grain variety will provide you with the greatest amount of useful fiber.

Fiber is beneficial when it comes to cleansing your colon as well because your digestive system is unable to process fiber. As a result, it stays in your digestive system and soaks up liquids. This helps to loosen your stool.  At the same time, fiber adds bulk to your waste and makes it easier for your body to get rid of it.

Along with increasing your fiber intake, you should also be sure to include at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fresh water to your daily diet.  It is particularly important to add water whenever you increase your fiber intake.  Otherwise, the fiber can have the opposite effect as it soaks up all the moisture your colon needs in order to properly digest foods.

You should avoid foods that are high in fat, those having artificial additives, and those that have been heavily refined. All of these foods will cause your colon to produce excessive amounts of mucus and sludge in an attempt to protect itself. By avoiding these foods and by including more fiber and water in your diet, you can help keep your colon healthy and decrease the need for excessive cleansings.

Colonic Irrigation

Another one of the different natural therapies cleansing methods is the home colonic or irrigation, which has been in practice since about 1500 BC.  With the home colonic, liquid is forced into your colon and then drawn back out with a closed tubular system.  Home colonic cleansing can cleanse your entire colon and is not considered a messy procedure like using an enema, since the waste and liquid are expelled into a bag for disposal. Otherwise, it can be set up to empty directly into your regular sewage system.

The Old-Fashioned Enema

The enema is another option for colon cleansing. Like the colonic, an enema involves forcing liquid into your colon.  Unlike the colonic, however, you must hold the liquid in your bowels and then release it into the toilet. The enema is not effective at cleansing the entire colon, as it only reaches the first several inches. In addition, it usually is effective only for softening the stool rather than removing the accumulated waste from the lining of the colon.

Herbal Supplements

The last of the natural therapies cleansing methods is to make use of herbal supplements.  With oxygen-based supplements, the mucus and sludge lining your colon becomes liquefied. This allows it to very easily flow out your body while leaving your colon clean.  Unlike laxatives, herbal supplements do not simply soften the stool that was waiting to be expelled from your body anyway. Rather, it removes the waste that has been stuck inside your colon for months if not years.

Choosing the Natural Therapies Cleansing Method that is Right for You

Most people choose to coordinate two of these natural therapies cleansing methods to achieve optimum results—for example, positive dietary changes or colonic irrigation and herbal supplementation. But consider this when deciding—colonic irrigation and enemas can be quite uncomfortable and can even be dangerous if not implemented properly. Herbal supplementation is usually safe unless you happen to be allergic to one of the ingredients included in the supplement.

Even if you choose colonics or enemas, you should still improve and then monitor your diet.  After all, just including more fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains in your diet is good for all of your organs, not just for your colon!

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