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Lemonade Cleansing Diet

The lemonade cleansing diet has a number of benefits associated with it. On the other hand, following the diet for 10 days or more as suggested can place unnecessary stress on the body. Therefore, you should implement this program as a part of your overall cleansing diet rather than focus on it exclusively.

Lemonade Cleansing Diet

What is the Lemonade Diet?

Under the strictest terms, the lemonade program is a special diet consisting of drinking only lemonade (and possibly purified water) for ten days or more. During this period of time, you are restricted from eating or drinking any other foods or beverages.

Supporters of this program claim it provides all of the nutrients necessary to maintain health. In fact, these supporters believe it’s perfectly safe to follow this program for forty days or more. Keep in mind, however, the medical establishment advises not to remain on an all-liquid diet for more than three or four days. Therefore, if you follow the lemonade cleansing diet in the strictest sense, you should coordinate your efforts with a qualified healthcare provider.

The Lemonade Cleansing Formula

A special type of lemonade is used in the lemonade cleansing diet. This lemonade consists of two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, which amounts to about ½ of a lemon. The mixture also includes two tablespoons of grade-B maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and ten to fourteen ounces of pure water. All the ingredients are mixed together thoroughly before you consume the drink.

How Much Lemonade Should You Drink?

You can drink as much of the lemonade as you wish each day. Advocates of the lemonade cleansing diet state you should drink at least twelve 8-ounce glasses of the lemonade every day or at least once every couple of hours. If you become hungry, you should just drink more of the lemonade. The basic idea is to allow your body to purge itself of toxins by abstaining from eating all the normal junk and fast foods.

Benefits of the Lemonade Cleansing Diet

  • Dissolves and flushes toxins from the body.
  • Cleanses the kidneys as well as the digestive system.
  • Purifies the body’s glands and cells.
  • Helps to eliminate waste plus toxic residue from muscles and joints.
  • Helps relieve pressure on the arteries, nerves, and blood vessels.
  • Encourages healthy blood.
  • Supports tissue elasticity.

Lemonade is also touted for helping to cure chronic and acute conditions, to help the digestive system cleanse itself, and to promote weight loss.

Lemon Cleanse

Common Sense in Dieting

Devout believers in the lemonade cleansing diet state it must be followed for at least ten days to gain the maximum effect. For cleansing the colon, however, it is just as effective and probably safer to include the lemonade mixture as just a part of the cleansing process. The lemonade diet will still help you cleanse your colon without putting your body at heightened risk of malnutrition.

Rather than follow the lemonade cleansing diet for ten days or more, you might want to follow it for a few days to jump start the cleansing. Then, follow this up with a day of fasting with vegetable broth as the main source of sustenance. This way, you add a little fiber to your diet. Fiber is beneficial for cleansing the colon and helping it function well because it cannot be digested and absorbs water within the colon. Fiber bulked by water helps soften waste so it can be eliminated easily.

After following this liquid fast for a few days, slowly introduce healthful solids back onto the menu. First, eat some of the vegetables you boiled while making your broth. On the next day, add some fresh fruit, especially citrus as the acidity promotes toxin flushing as well. On the following day, increase the variety of solid foods you eat. If you notice any stomach pains or cramping, however, cut back on solid foods until your digestive system is ready to process them again. Basically, use common sense regarding any diet program and pay attention to your body as it will indicate if you’re on the right track or possibly doing more harm than good. At any rate, lemonade provides many benefits and is worth consideration as part of a balanced and healthful diet program.

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