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Lemon Cleanse Diet

The lemon cleansing diet has been around for years and is one of the most recommended cleansing diets by alternative health practitioners. But is it effective? What benefits can drinking so-called organic lemonade possibly provide your body? Let’s take a closer look at the lemon cleansing diet and let’s see if it is truly as amazing as many would have you believe.

Traditionally, the lemon cleansing diet requires anywhere from ten to forty days to complete, depending on the exact recipe you follow. Some of these recipes require mixing a variety of natural ingredients such as lemon juice (of course), maple syrup, grapefruit or limejuice, pure water, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Mix the ingredients and drink it down, and that’s the gist of it.

Directions for the Lemon Cleansing Diet

The lemon cleansing diet is very specific about utilizing all locally grown or organic ingredients. Only Grade B or C maple syrup can be used because it is less refined than regular store shelved, name-brand maple sugar. It’s also a lot more expensive for a lot less syrup, but you can usually find good prices and quality at your local farmer’s market.

Only organic lemons, grapefruits or limes can be used and it’s important to make a new batch every time you drink it. That means you can’t just whip up enough in the morning last the whole day. You have to make a drink in the morning, another in the afternoon, and still more in the evening. That can be a little inconvenient to say the least, especially if you work for a living.

Problems with Cleansing Diets

Holistic practitioners would have you believe all of your daily nutrition can be provided by the lemon cleansing diet. Some people also declare you will have an excess of energy while on the diet. The energy high is a result of the sugars you’re taking in from the syrup. We all know what happens when you come down from a sugar high—fatigue, headaches, and general malaise can take over, at least until you drink your next batch.

It’s no surprise that many people lose weight on the lemon cleansing diet. You’re not taking any substantial amount of sustenance into your body. As a matter of fact, when you come off the lemon cleansing diet, you have to wait several days before you can eat solid foods again because your body has been surviving on fluids for the last few weeks!

While the lemon cleansing diet does a good job of cleansing the liver, it should never used to cleanse the colon as recommended by many holistic practitioners. The cleansing action of the lemon works very well to detoxify the liver and gall bladder, and the cayenne can help break up toxic mucous within the intestinal tract, but it is virtually useless in the colon. That’s why the directions for these diets always recommended taking an herbal laxative or laxative tea while you’re on the lemon cleansing diet; but the directions neglect to say many herbal laxatives can cause severe health problems.

For example, laxatives and colon cleansing products made with Senna, Cascara sagrada, or Psyllium are known for causing severe allergic reactions, liver damage, chronic constipation, digestive difficulty, heart fluctuations, and even death in a few well-documented cases.

Other Methods for Supporting Digestive Health

The colon is the epicenter of the body’s defense grid. With over 70% of the body’s immune systems located there, it makes sense that the colon should be cleansed as effectively as possible. The lemon cleanse diet just doesn’t have what it takes for this task.

Understand one thing—the lemon cleansing diet is not a bad thing on the whole. But extreme dieting programs don’t cleanse your colon and you can wind up right back where you started. You can use the lemon cleanse to lose weight or if you want an effective liver cleanse method, but what about colon cleansing? Cleansing your colon on a regular basis is perhaps the most important health regimen you can perform.

It’s far safer and logical to cleanse your colon with a superior colon cleansing supplement specifically designed for the job. Oxy-Powder® is just such a product! With its all-natural formula (consisting of oxygenated magnesium and citric acid), Oxy-Powder® breaks down compacted waste so your body can eliminate it easily, plus it doesn’t require a special diet to work.

Of course, it makes sense to alter your diet to a healthier one if you haven’t already done so. A high fiber diet, a boost in your exercise program, and an increase of water intake can greatly help you on your road to achieving optimum health.

Oxy-Powder® cleanses your colon thoroughly yet gently. Oxy-Powder® helps to eliminate all the hardened deposits of mucous and grime from every twist and turn of your colon. The oxygenated magnesium can leave your colon feeling refreshed and cleaner. It may be hard to imagine, but you may be carrying around an extra five to twenty-five pounds of compacted fecal matter within your colon, and it’s going to take something a lot stronger than organic lemonade to clear it out.

Oxy-Powder® has been scientifically designed to remove all the trapped waste, and it also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria within the colon to enhance the digestive process. Oxy-Powder® is simply the ideal way to cleanse your colon!

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