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Laxatives and Weight

Losing weight has become the primary health concern for millions of people. Weight loss is a worthy goal as long as it’s attempted in a healthy manner. If the weight loss method abuses your body, however, long-term health problems may arise.

Laxatives are an example of an unhealthy method for losing weight. Although intended for just occasional use, laxatives have become a substance often abused as an easy approach to weight loss.

The Dangers of Laxatives and Weight Loss

Laxatives and weight loss is a dangerous combination that could threaten your lifelong wellbeing. Stimulant laxatives work by irritating colorectal nerves and muscles to induce an artificial bowel movement. Over time, this forced stimulation can cause irreversible damage to your digestive tract.

Laxatives have been abused by some people for dropping pounds quickly. The weight being lost through this process is mostly water weight and this can lead to dehydration. Many individuals wrongly believe they are losing pounds of fat, but the body’s vital water reserves are literally being drained. Dehydration slows down the metabolism and this can actually hinder your weight loss efforts.

To compensate, the body must slow down other natural processes to conserve energy. When related organs become “sluggish” due to diminished capacity, they can begin to atrophy or cease working altogether. If the intestines are damaged, for example, it may become difficult to absorb nutrients from food. If one of your internal organs is not working properly, this can lead to additional health risks that may not be reversible!

Once food has entered the lower digestive tract, most of its calories have already been converted into chemical units of energy (such as ATP) for absorption into the bloodstream. Laxatives will not prevent the body from using these calories and having abundant energy speeds up waste elimination so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, the prompt elimination of waste results in a leaner, more efficiently functioning body.

A pattern of purging through laxative abuse does not promise weight will stay off either. Even if some temporary success is attained through laxatives and weight loss methods, your metabolic rate will likely slow down. If laxative abuse continues for too long, a slowed metabolism can become permanent, thus making it even more difficult to burn calories effectively in the future. If a person reaches their perceived ideal weight as an indirect result of laxatives and weight loss methods, remaining on them long-term can still deteriorate their digestive health.

Do Safe Alternatives to Laxatives Exist?

Laxatives and weight management is not a wise combination, but what are the alternatives? Healthy, nutritious food choices, especially a high-fiber diet with plenty of water, promote overall fitness of the body and mind. Weight loss techniques including whole foods, natural health supplements, getting plenty of rest, and frequent exercise can help you achieve a lifetime of realistic results. Any weight loss plan compromising the body is not a good choice!

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