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Irritated Bowel Syndrome

Sometimes things in the belly get a little sluggish. We can feel bloating that doesn’t want to go away, making us feel like we’re carrying that ol’ spare tire around the waistline. When your bowels aren’t functioning at peak levels, you might have “Irritated Bowel Syndrome”. Irritated Bowel Syndrome is usually a temporary condition; but if you find it occurring often, you should make sure something more serious isn’t affecting your digestion.

Reasons for Irritated Bowels

If you’re experiencing Irritated Bowel Syndrome, perhaps you’ve just been eating poorly lately. Maybe you haven’t been consuming enough fiber. Are you also experiencing constipation? Even if you’re producing semi-regular bowel movements, your system could still benefit from a good cleansing. If you have bowel movements that are uncomfortable, difficult to pass, or hard in texture, you’re probably experiencing constipation associated with Irritated Bowel Syndrome.

Our bodies convert foods and liquids into fuel on a daily basis. The human body cannot convert manufactured foods as easily as fresh foods. Fast or “processed” foods can slow digestion down to a crawl, especially when we eat in this manner for days and weeks on end. This type of food affects all of our bodily senses, our general appearance, plus how we feel to a great degree. Constipation can be a serious detriment to your health and it’s easy to become constipated when your diet largely consists of:

  • Hamburgers
  • Pizza
  • Cheese
  • Salty snacks
  • Fatty meats
  • Carbonated
  • Artificially sweetened beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Virtually all fast foods

Effects of An Irritated Bowel

Irritated Bowel Syndrome can present symptoms such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Stomachaches
  • Excess burping
  • Excess gas

Treating Irritated Bowels


Before you reach for a commercial laxative, think about how harsh they can be to your digestive system. Although laxatives work fast, they can have you metaphorically chained to the commode for hours while you are doubled over cramping and begging for mercy. You can also become chemically dependent upon laxatives to have a bowel movement. Regular use of stimulant laxatives will result in an eventual loss of bowel tone, which can in turn result in Irritated Bowel Syndrome, chronic constipation, and possibly complete bowel incontinence.

If you feel occasional sluggishness due to Irritated Bowel Syndrome, you need to get back on the healthy digestive track as quickly as possible. By increasing your intake of healthy foods, drinking lots of pure water, exercising as often as possible, and trying an occasional colon cleansing regimen, you can improve your odds of alleviating many digestive problems.

Organic Colon Cleansing

A gentler way to help alleviate Irritated Bowel Syndrome and restore digestive function is to use an oxygen-based cleanser such as Oxy-Powder®. Oxy-Powder® supports digestive function naturally and just lets your colon perform its normal job. Oxy-Powder® can also relieve constipation symptoms such as bloating and excess gas due to Irritated Bowel Syndrome. Some people have lost weight as a positive side effect of using this product because the body can possess several pounds of accumulated sludge from years if not decades of eating bad foods. Oxy-Powder® liquefies this waste so your colon can get rid of it easily and efficiently.

You see, laxatives merely stimulate the colon to expel the waste that’s already there, waiting to be evacuated anyway. Oxy-Powder®’s oxygenation action lifts out old organic debris and toxin-heavy waste. Oxy-Powder® also supports the reproduction of healthy bacteria so we are better able to process food in the future. People using Oxy-Powder® have reported flatter abdomens, healthier skin tone, reduced halitosis, and increased energy and mental clarity. These effects are due to your body being able to rid itself of that toxic sludge lining your intestines. Oxy-Powder® contains only natural ingredients like citric acid and oxygenated Magnesium.

When we feel lousy, we tend to live in a fog, not really enjoying activities during the present day and not looking forward to the next either. Most people experience periods in their life when their digestive function becomes sluggish or irritated; and many potential reasons suggest why your system might be temporarily “off.” Either you’ve eaten something harmful or not eaten enough of something beneficial or your body is having trouble processing a particular substance. Such factors can easily lead to problems like chronic constipation, persistent fatigue, and Irritated Bowel Syndrome. So it makes sense that colon cleansing can help us feel better all over. Using a natural, safe product such as Oxy-Powder® is an effective and wise choice for helping to improve your overall health.

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