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Intestinal Cleanse

If you haven’t yet tried an intestinal cleanse, you should be considering it. An intestinal cleanse is something that, if an alternative healing coffee maker existed, everyone in the office would be discussing the benefits of a colon cleanse as they get their morning brew. It’s becoming the topic of choice in the alternative healing trade for good reasons.

Do you need to cleanse your internal plumbing? The short answer is—maybe.

Reasons for Colon Cleansing

The average human digestive tract is filled with toxic sludge that can make it sick. Sounds pretty gruesome, doesn’t it? That statement might seem to be a bit melodramatic but isn’t entirely untrue. If you are continuously suffering from constipation or bloating as well as unexplained sluggishness or excessive gas, you might want to consider performing an intestinal cleanse. Doing this simple procedure may improve your digestive system’s functioning and result in you feeling more energetic.

Some experts on the subject suggest that people perform an intestinal cleanse about once a year for increased health and stamina. We damage our bodies with the poor diets we follow and through the impure environment in which we live. Very few people can honestly say they consume only 100% beneficial foods and treat their bodies well all the time. Doing an annual “spring cleaning” of sorts can be very beneficial and a proactive approach to achieving a healthy life. Many people wait until they become ill to take matters into their own hands, but a little prevention can work wonders.

Types of Colon Cleanses

Many types of colon cleanses methods exist. Some cleansing programs last for short periods of time and others can last as long as 45 days. Some cleansing kits or products contain special herbs while others require a restricted diet and fasting. So many options exist, it can be difficult to determine what type of intestinal cleanse is right for you. If you’re considering cleansing, it’s a good idea to consult with a healing practitioner or conduct your own research on the Internet first. Only you will know what type of cleanse is suitable for your lifestyle.

For instance, do you think you can follow a severely restricted diet or fast altogether? Not everyone is capable of fasting due to their unique schedule or because of mitigating health concerns. If you fasting would not suit you, taking extra supplements might be a better solution.

Hydration is Key

The core component of most intestinal cleanse programs involves drinking lots of pure water. Most people simply don’t drink enough water. Water is like manna for keeping us healthy looking and feeling, and for keeping our internal organs functioning the way they’re supposed to. Most cleanse programs advise drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day to ensure you don’t become dehydrated and to help flush toxins from your body.

Many cleanse programs restrict the types of food you can eat. You might increase your intake of vegetables and fruits as well as pure juices but decrease products that are starchy or overly processed. Some plans remove certain foods from your colon cleansing diet and then reintroduce it slowly after the fact.

Supplementing Your Intestinal Cleanse Program

Many cleanses also suggest a Probiotic supplement such as Latero-Flora™ be taken to help replenish good bacteria within your body. Some programs include specific foods or natural supplements for detoxifying your body and then replenishing your body through the gradual reintroduction of those items. Many intestinal cleanse programs instruct to notice mucus within the discharged waste to indicate your cleansing is complete.

Some cleanse programs are also designed to aid in purging unwanted intestinal organisms from your system. Many people have described their waste as containing unpleasant looking objects as a result of a heavy cleanse. Some cleanses include special substances (such as in the Lemonade or Sea Salt Diets) to balance electrolytes while fasting. Whatever intestinal cleanse program you choose, please conduct your own research. A wealth of information is available online, with product testimonials and reviews for helping you make your decision.

Organic Cleansing

All-natural Oxy-Powder® is backed with a 100% money back guarantee and is often used to help cleanse the intestines. Oxy-Powder® is taken orally and utilizes the power of oxidation to remove accumulated, toxic waste from your colon. After taking it, many people report an increased feeling of vitality, reduced bloating, and improved regularity of bowel movements.

Because almost two thirds of your body’s defense systems reside in the digestive tract, it’s important to care for this system stringently. Neglect of your digestive system can affect your overall health in addition to promoting a variety of digestive disorders. When you choose a product such as Oxy-Powder® that has sold over 2,000,000 bottles and maintains a guaranteed satisfaction policy, it can be very reassuring to know a vast amount of positive results have already been reported by others. Remember—improve your diet, stay well hydrated, get plenty of invigorating exercise, and try an all-natural health supplement for an occasional colon cleansing regimen now and then. The results will speak for themselves!

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