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Impacted Colon

An impacted colon is a very prevalent and potentially serious complication of the colon. Many people suffer from colon impaction without even realizing it because its symptoms are not necessarily directly related to digestion. In fact, this condition can cause you to feel excessively tired and the symptoms often include muscle and joint pain.

Defining Colon Impaction

When a colon is constipated to the point it no longer functions properly it can be described as being “impacted.” In a healthy colon, waste is easily removed on a regular basis. With impaction, however, the waste becomes “backed up” and is no longer able to be expelled regularly. As the colon becomes constipated, it becomes nearly impossible to move any waste out of the body.

Indicators of an Impacted Colon

There are many telltale signs of colon impaction. First of all, you may have infrequent bowel movements and they may be painful whenever you manage to have one. You might also have difficulty pushing the waste out, finding it necessary to strain excessively in order to purge it all. When you are successful at passing a stool, you might notice it is dry and quite hard in composition. You might also notice your bowels always feel “full” and you may even suffer from frequent bloating.

The pressure placed on your abdomen by impaction can also cause a loss in appetite. Despite eating less, you may gain weight as the waste accumulates in your body. Many people find they lose several pounds after completing a colon cleansing, but this is not the intended purpose. Any such weight loss is likely due to the elimination of hard, compacted waste and not loss of fat or muscle tissue.

Your impacted colon may also lead to other health issues such as hemorrhoids, which can occur from straining to push waste out of your body. For these reasons, it’s important to alleviate your colon impaction as soon as possible.

Causes of Colon Impaction

A number of potential causes exist for an impacted colon. Certain digestive disorders and diseases, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (also known as a spastic colon) and Crohn’s Disease, can cause colon impaction to develop. For most people, however, impaction is brought on by poor diet.

Most Americans practice less-than-desirable dietary habits typically including toxic additives such as artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. These foods wreak havoc on the colon’s ability to function well. Similarly, refined foods and foods high in fat content (such as meat and cheese) can lead to impaction. Regrettably, most Americans enjoy diets containing large quantities of both. These unhealthy foods are difficult for the digestive system to break down and, in an attempt to prevent self-harm, your colon produces excess mucus and sludge.

The mucus produced by the colon is meant to help make waste pass through more easily. But, as greater quantities are produced, the colon loses its ability to move waste out of your body effectively. This constipates your colon and makes it nearly impossible for the waste to be expelled.

How Can I Help Prevent Colon Impaction?

One of the most important things you can do to prevent colon impaction is to avoid refined foods, foods with artificial additives, and foods high in fat. You should increase your intake of fiber, which helps keep your colon healthy by bulking up waste so it can pass through efficiently. Your digestive system cannot break down fiber so it remains in the colon and absorbs water to soften the stool.

To help prevent an impacted colon, you can perform an occasional colon cleansing. Some people choose to clean their colons with an enema. While an enema may cleanse the last few inches of your colon, it cannot cleanse it entirely. Plus, enemas can be quite uncomfortable because they involve forcing water through your anus and then holding the water for some time until you feel a sudden, urgent need to “go”.

For many, a better alternative is to use an all-natural supplement. With a specialized supplement, your entire digestive system can be cleansed and all you need to do is take a few capsules each day for a specific number of days. When looking for a colon cleansing supplement, it’s best to use one providing pure oxygen to liquefy accumulated waste. This makes it possible to thoroughly cleanse the colon and allows waste to be passed through the digestive tract easily.

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