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High Protein Diet Constipation

Diet is the biggest contributing factor to constipation. For this reason, people following high protein diets will very likely end up having difficulties with their bowel movements. When you go on a high protein diet constipation can be the result because you remove most carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables from your menu. This loss of healthful foods can have drastic results on your ability to have normal bowel movements. Constipation can occur quickly when the body does not receive enough essential nutrients and especially fiber for maintain digestive health.

Many experts believe high protein diets are dangerous as they contribute to unhealthy side effects while others try to convince you a high protein diet can jump-start a weight loss regimen. Some diets (such as the famous South Beach) begin with high protein and low carb meals and gradually add beneficial complex carbohydrates back into the plan. Opinions vary and hail from both sides. This article isn’t meant to sway you in either direction but is intended to provide ways for helping your digestive system function better and helping you prevent high protein diet constipation.

Losing Weight with High Protein Diets

When you remove carbohydrates from your diet, insulin production slows down. When you take in more carbohydrates than you expend as energy, this insulin production starts to store your food, which can result in excess weight gain. In other words, when you begin removing carbs, your body will try to use fat stores and muscle mass as its energy, resulting in rapid weight loss.

Potential Risks of High Protein Diet Constipation

When you remove carbs, you’re probably removing many fruits, vegetables and grains from your diet, which permits little fiber intake. This can result in high protein diet constipation in almost no time. It’s really important, when participating in a high protein or low carb diet, to ensure you continue to have easy bowel movements so you can avoid pain, discomfort, and a whole host of other medical problems.

Constipation can be debilitating. When things aren’t running at peak efficiency in your digestive system, it can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable.  Because high protein diets restrict carbs, it can be difficult to obtain enough fiber to keep your body running at peak efficiency.

Constipation Relief Methods

Here are a few ways to help you keep your bowels working better so as not to experience high protein diet constipation:

  • Laxatives.  Over the counter laxatives may help you when you’re desperate but many people dislike their harshness.  Laxative use is hard on your body and can make you feel like it isn’t safe to get too far away from a bathroom.  Repeated laxative use can also induce chemical dependency upon them for regular bowel function, so laxatives are quite a dangerous option!
  • Water.  Plenty of fresh purified water can help keep things moving along. Ensure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated since dehydration can lead to constipation. Furthermore, drinking water (instead of sugary colas and especially alcoholic beverages) is recommended for weight loss.
  • Exercise. Exercise promotes a healthy metabolism and contributes to having regular bowel movements.
  • Mineral Oil. Some people mistakenly believe mineral oil can help alleviate constipation by lubricating your intestines. Mineral oil is a non-absorbable oil with several negative side effects if you try to ingest it. Seepage and soiling of clothing are the least of which, but these side effects can also include damage to sensitive internal digestive organs. Think about it–do you really want to drink the equivalent of motor oil just to go to the bathroom?

Oxygen based products such as Oxy-Powder® can help you achieve regular bowel movements and will not cause dependency like laxatives.

Oxy-Powder® is a safe, all-natural supplement utilizing an oxygenating action for flushing out your system. It is recognized as a non-habit forming product that can relieve high protein diet constipation and can even be used for thorough colon cleansing.

Summing It All Up

High protein diet constipation is not something you should ignore. It can wreak havoc on your digestive system and make you more susceptible to diseases. If you have decided upon a high protein diet based on popular media, just be aware you must keep your bowels moving normally while following this plan.

Some doctors favor high protein diets whereas others do not.  Some physicians recommend utilizing a high protein diet on a short-term basis for the benefit of rapid weight loss but not to use it long term. The result could be that you gain weight again upon restoring carbs into your diet.

Changing your lifestyle overall will help you maintain weight loss more than any particular diet. The vast majority of people following a fad diet keep weight off only as long as they maintain the program. Healthy food, stimulating exercise, obtaining adequate sleep, drinking plenty of purified water, not being exposed to excessive stress, and having healthy digestive habits will all complement each other and contribute to your overall good health.

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