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High Colonics

Cleaning the colon to detoxify the body is not some new fad or technique. Colonic cleanses or “high colonics” have been used since 1500 BC by the Egyptians. In the early 1880s, Dr. Elmer Lee introduced a high colonic irrigation method that was used during the cholera epidemic pf 1892. It was found to be a cure for cholera and many other bowel diseases at that time. Dr. Lee’s high colonic apparatus and methods are similar to those used by many practitioners today in the United States.

High ColonicsOne of the most famous proponents of high colonics was Dr. Joseph Harvey Kellogg, founder of the now famous Kellogg’s Corn Flake cereal company. Dr. Kellogg was a practicing physician who treated many patients with gastrointestinal disorders. He firmly believed that an improperly functioning bowel could be the root cause of most of the body’s health problems.

He originally formulated his bran cereal recipe as a means to promote the health and functioning of the colon. According to Dr. Kellogg’s records, he treated forty thousand patients with gastrointestinal disorders. All but two of those patients were able to utilize high colonics as a means to avoid surgery and harsh medications.

The Colon and High Colonics

The human colon is a segmented tube within the abdominal cavity that comprises a major part of our digestive tract. A healthy colon aids in the absorption of water and the removal of waste products and toxins from the body. The two-way membrane of the colon also allows vitamins and minerals to be absorbed into the blood.

The majority of all the nutrients from the foods you eat are absorbed through the walls of the small and large intestines. When the colon is not functioning properly it affects the digestive system and every living cell and organ in the body. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the direct result of a clogged or impacted colon.

Foods that are not fully digested begin to degenerate and putrefy in the colon, creating an over acidic condition. The friendly bacteria that aid in digestion begin to die off, allowing disease producing bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites to take hold. Toxins and pollutants begin to build up in this environment, eventually making their way into the lymph and bloodstream. This condition is called auto-intoxication or self-poisoning.

Cleansing the colon will remove the build up of fecal matter and toxins that compromises the ability of the colon to function properly. High colonics, in combination with an oxygen colon cleansing supplement, can be used to flush out compacted fecal matter and restore the performance of the colon. High colonics should be part of a total wellness program for maintaining the proper functioning of the colon and improving the health of the body.

High Colonic Techniques

High colonics are referred to by many names such as: high colonic irrigation colon cleansing, high colonics, high enema, colonic enema, home self-colonic, colon hydrotherapy, or colonic hydrotherapy. All of these colon cleansing procedures are basically the same with the same purpose. They work to flush out old stagnated and putrefied fecal materials and toxins from the colon.

During the high colonic procedure, a small rigid tube is inserted about five inches into the rectum. This tube is then connected to a plastic hose. The hose may then be connected to a colonic irrigation machine, or to a similar apparatus meant for at home use.

Water is allowed to flow through the hose and tubing to flush out the colon. Depending upon personal preferences, the water may be warm or cool. Herbs and extracts can be added to the water to improve the efficiency of the procedure. A second tube is then used to allow compacted fecal matter to flush out of the system. High colonics typically take from thirty minutes to one hour.

Some high colonics use activated oxygen or ozone to increase the oxygen content in the blood and cells. Oxygen therapy is a very effective method for cleansing the colon. Over the counter preparations, may also be used to achieve the benefits of oxygen cleansing. Oxygen colon cleansers safely and effectively melt away compacted material in the large intestine, small intestine and colon.

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