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Herbal Cleansing

Herbal cleansing can be an easy and effective method for keeping your colon working efficiently. If you select the right product, you can feel better and look better after completing your colon cleanse. At the same time, selecting the wrong product may actually worsen your health problems.

Problems with Bad Colon Cleansing Products

If the product you select is poorly formulated, you can irritate your digestive system. A properly formulated colon cleansing supplement should soothe your intestines. With poorly formulated herbal cleansing products, however, you might experience diarrhea or even blood in your stool. This is because the herbs in the ingredients are too abrasive for your system.

Another problem with some herbal colon cleansers is the expiration date. Some companies stretch the date further than is safe. Or, herbal supplement stores purchase products close to their expiration date in an attempt to save money on their purchases and put more cash in their pockets. Herbs near or past their expiration date may also not be as effective. Even worse, they can become rancid and cause problems with your digestive system.

Additives in the products may be another concern. Some herbal cleansing products include additives such as artificial colors or sweeteners. Stay clear of these products. Artificial colors such as FD & C Yellow #5 can cause cancer or aggravate asthma and artificial sweeteners can cause your colon to build up more of the sludge and mucus you are trying to remove.

Some products rely primarily on just one ingredient, such as the herbs Psyllium, Cascara sagrada, or Senna. However, these dangerous substances can be far too aggressive on your intestine. A quality herbal cleansing supplement should be able to get the job done without irritating your bowels or making your condition worse.

Some products produce a great deal of stool and bowel movements in general, but this doesn’t make them effective at cleansing your bowels. In fact, the cleaners used by hospitals prior to a colonoscopy are not even that good at cleansing the bowels and can even be dangerous. This is because they are not effective at cleansing the intestinal lining. Rather, they cause you to have diarrhea, which can lead to a depletion of electrolytes.

Herbal cleansing supplements that work by inducing diarrhea may send you to the bathroom frequently sure, but they can also cause your body to become weak from dehydration. They can also create a complete loss of bowel control—a situation that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Herbal Cleansing & The Danger of Dependency

With the right supplements, dependency should not be a concern. With products relying on a laxative effect, however, dependency can be a serious issue. These supplements are those including senna or those that are actually saline laxatives. If you repeatedly use a supplement with these ingredients, you run the risk causing your colon to become dependent upon the chemical additives. This means it will not be able to work properly unless you take more of the same product, which is a situation you certainly don’t want to create. Kinda’ makes you wonder if that’s the point of it right—to have to keep buying more?

Results of Quality Colon Cleansers

When you select the right supplement, you will notice the difference right away. One of the most significant differences is that your body can feel stronger and more energized. This is because a good herbal cleansing supplement is not harsh on your body and does not rob it of water in order to produce an effect. Rather, it removes waste from your intestinal walls so your body no longer suffers from an onslaught of accumulated toxins. So, if the product produces diarrhea or makes you lose energy, you know you have selected the wrong one and you should stop using it immediately.

Though this may seem like an odd thing to say, you will also be able to tell if the herbal colon cleansing supplement is effective by looking at your stool color. If your stool is watery and light brown in color, this indicates you are experiencing diarrhea. If your supplement is effective, you will find the stool is darker in color and thicker. It may also be shiny as your colon finally gets rid of the stored mucus.

Take the time to research several herbal cleansing supplements before settling on one. Be sure it works by liquefying the waste coating the intestinal wall rather than simply getting rid of waste waiting to be expelled anyway. This way you know you are truly cleansing your colon. And, most importantly, the supplement you use should make you feel better, not worse!

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