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Healthy Colon

During the first half of the 1970’s, the students at Baylor Medical School in Houston, Texas learned many important facts about normal body processes. One physician spoke about the various sensations from which a person can derive feelings of pleasure. Perhaps it’s not a topic of polite conversation, but that list included the relief one feels following the elimination of waste.

Attributes of a Healthy Colon

Such relief does not follow every instance of elimination however. Such relief typically is enjoyed by people having a quick and easy time of it. This reprieve is experienced by anyone with a healthy colon.

A well-working, healthy colon ensures the complete passage through the digestive tract of any substance not serving as a source of energy, protein, or vitamins and minerals. All ingested material consisting of insoluble fiber belongs in that category. The fiber-rich portion of any food will pass completely through a functional colon, and this is why fiber is beneficial for preventing constipation.

A healthy colon holds fiber-rich foods within the digestive tract for a limited amount of time. During the slow but steady passage of the bowel’s contents, fiber-rich foods bind to water and to certain types of fat. The moistened contents of the bowel can then be easily manipulated by the muscles of the colon and rectum.

When the colon isn’t in good shape, fiber-rich foods can become lodged in tiny crevices within the bowel. Then, if any of those foods ferment and foreign bacteria begins inhabiting the digestive tract, the “bad” flora can outnumber and destroy the “good” flora. In other words, a slower than normal bowel movement is characteristic of a person lacking digestive motility.

On the other hand, a healthy colon does not allow food to slip through the digestive tract like a greased bar of wet soap. Such hurried movement deprives the body of the opportunity to assimilate nutrients. Such expediency also causes diarrhea. The colon’s primary job is to support the absorption of vital nutrients within the intestinal tract while also evacuating the leftover waste.

Maintaining Colon Health

Increasing Fiber

A varied and healthful diet leads to the natural introduction of many fiber-rich foods into your digestive system. Healthy eating in this manner in turn ensures maintenance of a healthy colon, which in turn ensures maintenance of the entire body. Although personifying the organs a bit, it could be said the colon and the rest of the digestive system form a kind of symbiotic relationship. Anyone who thus deprives their colon of foods with high-fiber content will have an unhealthy colon because fiber is essential for clearing out accumulated organic debris.

Improving Diet In General

The person who wants a healthy colon will eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans (which supply additional fiber). That same person has also become educated in the avoidance of fatty cuts of meat, excess dairy products, caffeinated colas and coffee, and especially salty and sugar-heavy snacks. Lean meats and alternate dairy products such as yogurt and mozzarella cheese serve as excellent substitutes for these colon-clogging junk foods. These substitutes also reduce the overall amount of fat passing through the colon.

A reduced fat intake does far more than lower the number of calories a person must either burn-up or store as redundant fat cells. Reduced fat intake prevents an accumulation of indigestible fatty foods within the colon. A clogged colon bloats the body and requires extra energy to transport all that accrued mass even as it hinders the body’s ability to convert food into that fuel.

Exercising Often

Yet the quest for a healthy colon should not be guided solely by the nature of the foods fed into the colon. A daily intake of fruits, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, rice and whole wheat bread does not guarantee you’ll achieve perfect vitality. The pleasure derived from quick and easy elimination results from attention to more than just the fiber and fat content of one’s meal.

Staying active improves colon efficiency moreso than someone who eats fiber rich foods while watching television every night. Exercise circulates the blood and tones muscles, even those utilized by the digestive system to move waste along. Good circulation and strong muscles can thus help to remove unneeded contents from the colon. Therefore, engaging in plenty of stimulating exercise as often as possible can lead to a healthy colon.

Avoiding Harmful Substances

Smoking and drinking greatly threaten the reality of attaining better health. Inductive logic suggests anyone devoting precious and irreplaceable hours of their finite lifespan to smoking and drinking alcohol will also spend little time eating nutritious and fiber-laden foods. Such a person would not maintain a healthful diet, and such a person would not enjoy the benefits of a healthy colon.

Foods believed to help prevent colon cancer also boost one’s chances of maintaining colon function. Foods high in calcium, for example, have been shown to offer additional protection against cancer, including colon cancer.

Cleansing the Colon

Individuals thinking a laxative might offer hope for a healthy colon should not be too quick to visit their local pharmacy. Chemical laxatives basically “bully” the colon into releasing its contents and do nothing to improve motility or cleanse out accumulated waste. Such individuals would benefit vastly more from trying an oxygen-based colon cleanser such as the highly acclaimed and super-effective Oxy-Powder®. Oxy-Powder® contains oxides of Magnesium and citric acid . . . that’s it! These all-natural ingredients are activated by the stomach’s hydrochloric acid and produce oxygen that liquefies old toxin-heavy waste matter so it can be eliminated. The additional oxygen thereafter is absorbed into the bloodstream and this can help alleviate symptoms such as headaches, persistent fatigue, blurry vision, and general aches and pains.

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