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Foods That Cause Constipation

Unfortunately, eating habits have much to do with why so many people are feeling constipated. In Americans in particular, foods that cause constipation are often considered “staples” of most peoples’ diets. For example, fast foods filled with processed meats and high in fats are often at the root of digestive troubles, but there are many different foods that cause constipation as we will discover below.

foods that cause constipation

Common Foods That Cause Constipation

Overeating Dairy Foods

Dairy products, particularly cheese, are often over-consumed by many Americans. It seems we put cheese on everything, from omelets, to sandwiches, to side dishes at dinnertime. Although milk and other forms of dairy are important components of a healthy diet in moderation, eating too much cheese can cause you to become constipated. Likewise, drinking large amounts of milk can be problematic for easy elimination of waste. A better alternative is raw unprocessed organic goat’s milk as it is the closest equivalent to human breastmilk.

Too Much Meats and Eggs

Consuming large amounts of meat and eggs has also been linked to constipation. In American society, meat is generally the largest portion of every meal, despite the fact it’s far better to fill your plate with organic raw vegetables and whole grains instead. Culture is the culprit and is often aided by clever advertising appealing to a host of misconceptions. For example, meat has long been considered the “working man’s” staple, a reward for a long day’s labor or viewed as a privilege of the successful. Just go to the average restaurant and look at the menu. At most conventional eateries, the main offerings will consist of a large steak or chicken along with a small side order of vegetables–it is as if the vegetables were not really wanted or only added as a secondary thought. This meat-loving mentality has led to many people becoming constipated since the digestive system has difficulty processing and moving it through the body efficiently. The end result of this high protein mania? After years of this excessive meat eating, your body can contain several pounds of undigested animal protein just sitting in your intestine and gradually clogging it with impacted waste.

Ignoring Fiber

The American diet is often lacking in fiber as well. Fiber can be found in abundance in grains, fruits, and vegetables. So, by including plenty of these healthful foods in your diet, you can help prevent constipation from occurring. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables are woefully missing in most American diets. The American Dietetic Association recommends eating 20 to 35 grams of fiber but Americans are falling far short of that goal. In fact, most Americans eat only 5 to 14 grams of fiber per day!

Not Choosing Water

Purified water is another important part of the diet helping to keep you from being constipated. This is because the body needs to be hydrated in order to keep waste properly flowing through your digestive tract. Most Americans, however, choose to drink colas (and other beverages that dehydrate) rather than pure water with their meals. Even when feeling thirsty, most of us reach for one of these beverages instead of ordinary but essential water. Alcohol, which is commonly considered a “social” beverage, also causes the body to become dehydrated and can lead to constipation. The unnecessary ritual of the morning-after hangover is really just your body telling you it needs more water!

Other Reasons for Constipation

Lack of Exercise

In addition to having poor diets, many people do not get enough exercise and these two types of obstacles to good health literally form a double-edged sword. Modern technology has made us tone down even more as it is no longer necessary to walk down the hall to deliver a memo – all you need to do is sit at your desk and send an email with virtually no effort. As a result, we all need to make a concentrated effort to get more physical in our daily routine. By getting a regular amount of exercise, you will decrease your chances of becoming constipated while also helping to get things moving in your digestive system. Just take a break from your desk now and then and you’ll notice a difference!

Preventing Constipation: Putting It All Together

The first steps you can take to prevent constipation involve changing your diet and your lifestyle. Replace some of the meat on your plate with organic, preferably raw vegetables to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. In addition, hold the cheese from your menu. In moderation, there is nothing wrong with having a little organic cheese in your diet now and then, but don’t use it just to add flavor to your meals. Try actually tasting that baked potato or fresh, green lettuce and you might be surprised by how good it really is.

When you feel the urge for a mid-day snack, grab some organic fruit such as an apple, banana, or orange instead of a candy bar. Feel like eating something crunchy? Try some baby carrots instead of a bag of chips. By replacing unhealthy snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables and you will be eliminating foods that cause constipation while also increasing the amount of fiber in your diet. With just a little discipline, you’ll be improving your colon health in two different ways!

Also, to give your colon an extra efficiency boost, you might want to try a product like Oxy-Powder®. Oxy-Powder® actually liquefies the fecal matter, mucus, and other waste imbedded in your colon. By lifting out this waste, your colon can feel clean again and you will be less likely to become constipated. Initially, if you try Oxy-Powder® you will experience an increase in how often you need to visit the restroom. But, after this period has passed, you will experience more regular bowel movements overall. If you continue using Oxy-Powder® as a part of your regular health routine, you will help your digestive process become more regular and you may avoid constipation altogether.

By combining a balanced diet with plenty of water and regular exercise, and abstaining from foods that cause constipation, you will have a much healthier digestive system. You will probably notice the rest of your body is feeling and functioning better too, as you build lean muscle mass and lose excess pounds. So, the only thing you have to lose is extra weight and that awful digestive discomfort.

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