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Enema Cleansing

Some people regard enema cleansing as a “ping of pleasure.” That is the way one neuroscientist at the University of Southern California (USC) describes the ability of the brain to fixate on a brilliant idea. Thoughts about enema cleansing might also come to someone standing in a pharmacy aisle viewing entire shelves filled with laxatives, especially when that person is constipated and needing quick results!

Reasons for Colon Cleansing

Enema Cleansing

Alleviating Constipation

Anyone who has endured the symptoms of constipation knows no laxative can quickly eradicate the bloating produced by a bowel packed with hard feces. If the constipation remains untreated for several days, the crowded bowel will begin limiting the amount of food a person can comfortably hold in their stomach. Thus, malnutrition can be a result of chronic constipation.

Such a person could sit down for a meal feeling very hungry, ready to consume a healthy amount of food, and yet feel already full after eating just a few bites. In this case, it would be a good idea to put an end to constipation as quickly as possible before other problems can arise from the inability to eat properly.

When such a person wants constipation relief, they will most likely turn first to a readily available, over-the-counter product e.g. laxatives. Laxatives, however, take time to produce results. Therefore, a constipated person might want to try a different approach to expedite the removal of impacted waste. He or she might consider enema cleansing as a viable alternative.

Celebrations for the New Year often lead people to eat unhealthy amounts of fatty, sugary, cheese-laden, empty calorie holiday dishes.

Consumption of such high-fat treats typically coincides with lower consumption of fiber-rich foods. Reduced fiber intake frequently promotes constipation since foods do not have enough bulk for the colon to push them through efficiently. Someone suffering from bloating, excess gas, cramps, and irregular bowel movements (common symptoms of constipation) could perhaps eagerly consider turning to a laxative, but that’s not the best option available.

Medical Concerns With Enema Cleansing

Enema cleansing usage prior to surgery or certain types of X-rays has started to decline as well. Modern radiologists use sophisticated imaging techniques and specially manufactured instruments to carryout a diverse number of diagnostic and surgical procedures. For example, many radiologists can now complete successful operations while utilizing a much smaller opening in the body cavity, such as by taking advantage of laparoscopic technology. In the past, many of these procedures required invasive surgery and for this reason, patients often had to receive an enema as a matter of preparation.

Methods of Cleansing the Colon

Enema Cleansing

Some enema products advertising benefits such as enema cleansing indicates on the package at least one potentially negative side effect. Enemas typically offer assurances such as helping a person’s bowel stay “dry.” This may sound pleasing at first, but would you really want one of your most important organs to be dried out? Anyone desiring a clean and healthy colon must consider whether or not a dry bowel should even be categorized as “healthy.”

A dry bowel just gets you closer to a state of internal dehydration. A dehydrated individual cannot operate in a normal fashion and could actually experience dizziness, disorientation, lack of energy, and fainting spells. Therefore, enema cleansing might start looking like a much better option.

One wonders, then, if perhaps some other less-harsh method exists to take the place of repeated laxative use. In fact, such an alternative may offer health benefits beyond just cleansing the colon now and then.

Oxygen Colon Cleansers

Oxygen colon cleansers deliver the core benefit of enema cleansing without the potential harm associated with prolonged laxative use. The magnesium oxides found in oxygen colon cleansers essentially liquefy the waste contents of the colon even when that material is highly compacted and hardened. The colon can then pass the liquid material easily and efficiently with the body’s normal processes, unlike the stimulant effect of laxatives in provoking a bowel movement to occur.

Instead of wasting your time standing in a pharmacy aisle searching among the vast array of laxatives or something that will work WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS, just perform a quick search for oxygen colon cleansers on the Internet from the comfort of your home. Unlike enemas, you won’t have to use a rectal syringe or mix any complex formulas. So, whenever you need a safe and effective method for cleansing your colon, leave the enema cleansing approach by the wayside and take a specialized oxygen cleansing product. They help your colon perform its natural functions of assimilating nutrients from food and then eliminating the leftover waste… no more and no less.

If you are looking for a high-quality oxygen colon cleanser, we recommend Oxy-Powder®.

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