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Effects of Prune Juice

There are a number of beneficial effects of prune juice regarding your overall health. Organic prunes have gotten a well-deserved reputation for relieving constipation and have lost much of their stigma of being solely for the elderly. Prune growers want you to know there are many reasons to eat this fruit beyond that of promoting increased regularity.

The Benefits of Prunes for Constipation

Health Benefits of Prunes

Nowadays prunes are being re-branded as “dried plums.” Dried organic plums are being marketed to communicate the associated health benefits without making you think solely about having a bowel movement when you hear of them. The effects of prune juice when extracted from dried plums (and added to purified water) give you all the benefits of regular prunes but in a liquid form. This is a fruit that’s incredibly high in fiber, antioxidants, and iron as well as many other nutrients.

While the juice can provide a number of benefits for your health, drinking it regularly for constipation is not a good idea due to the effects of it over a long period. If you’re suffering from frequent or chronic constipation, your overall digestive health probably needs a little more attention and energy to address the underlying issue.

Antioxidants play an important role in overall health. Current research indicates antioxidants may help prevent cancer and can even help slow down the oxidative process on your body and appearance. Eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables high in antioxidants can make a positive contribution to optimizing your wellbeing. Prunes are very high in beta-carotene (an antioxidant) and help normalize your blood sugar levels as well.

Benefits of Adding More Fiber to Your Diet

Everyone should strive to eat more fresh organically-grown fruits and vegetables in general. Adding bulk to your diet (with both soluble and insoluble fiber) plays a key role in promoting regularity. Prunes are well known for promoting regularity.

The obvious reality, is that not everyone likes the taste of prunes. This disdain is especially true for children, which explains why many juice manufacturers make prune juice beverages with apple or pear juice added. The dried plum industry offers many ways to incorporate dried plums or prunes into your diet so you can receive all the healthful effects of the juice. By utilizing purees in recipes, so you can reap the rewards of this fruit without necessarily tasting it, if that’s your preference.

In terms of chronic constipation, the juice can give a prompt relief by encouraging a bowel movement shortly after drinking it. This fast-acting attribute is one of the primary benefits that people want; but it’s really just a quick fix. You should incorporate alternate sources of fiber into your regular diet to help you stay regular. Rather than overreacting and drinking a pint of the juice whenever you strain to have a bowel movement, it’s more prudent to increase your overall fiber intake so your constipation symptoms start to fade away.

Effects of Prune Juice Over-Consumption

Managing your fiber intake, exercising, and staying well-hydrated will help you in your quest to become more regular. While the juice offers many health benefits, it should not be used as your sole resort to finding constipation relief. Consuming too much of the juice can provide negative results such as kidney problems. If you experience kidney problems or gallbladder issues from eating too many prunes, you should cut back and limit your intake to a reasonable amount. Because of the high oxalate content in the juice, doctors don’t recommend drinking it in very high dosages.

Alternative Constipation Relief

Another way to tackle your repeated constipation problems is by using an organic oxygen-based cleanser, because they will help clean your digestive system by liquefying impacted fecal matter and oxygenating your blood. The reported benefits of oxygen colon cleansers include improved health and vitality, fewer problems with stomach pain and bloating, and even potential weight loss due to the elimination of old fecal matter residing within the body.

So, while the dietary effects of prune juice provide many health benefits, the ideal way to manage your digestive regularity is to ensure you eat a diet high in fiber on a daily basis, drink plenty of purified water, and engage in a regular exercise routine.

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