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Constipation Symptoms

Constipation symptoms are obvious to anyone who has suffered, or is suffering, from this condition. One of the main constipation symptoms is having hard feces and infrequent bowel movements. Individuals with constipation may have to strain and repeatedly maneuver their bodies around to pass their stools. The stools that pass may be few, lumpy, and small in size.

These small, hard, lumpy stools lead to another one of the common constipation symptoms—the feeling of having a blocked rectum. Many people who suffer from constipation feel like they have incomplete bowel evacuations. This feeling causes them to strain even more and this straining can lead to tears and/or hemorrhoids over a period of time. Other constipation symptoms include increased bowel sounds, fatigue, bad breath, and skin blemishes.

Other Constipation Symptoms

Many people are surprised to learn bad breath is one of the constipation symptoms most commonly overlooked. However, it is not difficult to understand really. The mouth and stomach are connected. Constipation and other disturbances in the intestines can cause poor digestion. A digestive tract that is sluggish due to constipation can cause the mouth to have a putrid odor. This is due to gases rising up from the stomach and lingering in the mouth.

Skin eruptions or blemishes can also be constipation symptoms. Constipation can cause acne and it can worsen existing acne conditions. Many people fail to understand the skin is a major organ responsible for eliminating waste. When the liver and kidneys become overwhelmed by substances that need to be evacuated from the body—the skin will try to come to their aid. Individuals who are constipated are backed up with fecal matter and it’s impossible for the skin to remove fecal matter. However, the epidermis can show signs of its attempting to rid the body of toxins by becoming inflamed or breaking out.

Effects of Constipation

Untreated constipation can lead to very serious problems such as bowel obstruction characterized by a tender stomach and vomiting. It can also lead to paradoxical diarrhea. Many people who experience this diarrhea do not understand it is due to being constipated. Paradoxical diarrhea occurs when soft stools pass around the impacted matter lodged in the colon. X-rays are usually performed during these stages of constipation to reveal the impacted fecal matter that is in the colon. Surgery is sometimes required in severe cases of constipation.

Cleansing Away Constipation Symptoms

If you are suffering from constipation, you need to do everything within your power to unclog your system before surgery becomes the only option. One way you can achieve this is by taking advantage of colon cleansing methods to help flush your system. Cleansing your colon with an all-natural product such as Oxy-Powder® is a good choice. Oxy-Powder® does not work like harsh enemas or laxatives. Oxy-Powder® works in the digestive system over a 12-hour period. You won’t feel an overwhelming urge to rush to the bathroom like you would with a laxative.

Oxy-Powder® works by liquefying, lifting and clearing out the sludge, fecal matter and mucus lodged in your colon and intestinal system. In addition to bringing relief to constipation sufferers, Oxy-Powder® also creates a welcoming environment for the “good bacteria” that aid digestion. As stated, Oxy-Powder® will liquefy the hard matter lodged in your system. You will have watery stools but this is not the same as diarrhea, which is caused by a viral infection. It is simply a byproduct of the oxidation working to rid your system of impacted fecal matter. When you are first trying Oxy-Powder®, you should monitor how your body responds to it. While you will not have the overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom like if you had used an enema, you will have to go to the bathroom frequently and you may experience extra gas. Therefore, it is not advised to stray far from a bathroom during a full 7-day colon cleanse regiment.

Many people ignore their constipation, perhaps due to embarrassment or lack of knowledge about its causes and effects. They have lived with it so long they have probably forgotten how it feels to be healthy and to have normal bowel movements. Ignoring constipation is not a good idea and doing so can put your health in danger. Living with constipation should never be a fact of life for anyone. If you are showing constipation symptoms, you are encouraged to conduct a thorough colon cleansing with an all-natural product like Oxy-Powder® designed for this task. Rid your body of year’s worth of built up toxins and impurities and then maintain your digestive system’s effectiveness with regular maintenance. Once you begin removing these constipation systems from your daily life, you will probably be surprised at how much better you feel!

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