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Constipation Remedy

A Look at Constipation

You don’t need to be told constipation is bad business. When it’s frequent or prolonged it may cause hemorrhoids or tissue tears from the straining, resulting in bleeding and even more pain. If you haven’t had more than three bowel movements in a week and they are usually small, hard stools,–you are probably constipated. You may be feeling bloated, uncomfortable and just plain lethargic. Unfortunately, many of us will deal with this problem at some point in our lives and will need a constipation remedy of some kind.

It is estimated over 4 million Americans suffer from occasional or ongoing bouts of constipation. In doctors’ offices across the country, it’s the most often heard complaint of the gastrointestinal kind. What causes the stool to be so hard and uncomfortable to expel? Normally, as food travels through the colon or large intestine, the colon is constantly absorbing water while the waste gets formed. Muscle contractions keep pushing the stool along all the while. Sometimes, the stool gets to the rectum after most of the water has been absorbed, so it’s forms a hard solid. So, if your colon isn’t working properly and passes the stool too slowly (by weak muscle contractions), water gets absorbed too quickly. So what causes the weakness and bad timing? There could be many contributors to constipation:

Causes of Constipation

  • Side effects of medication
  • You aren’t drinking enough water or liquids (dehydration)
  • Sedentary lifestyle (not enough exercise)
  • Lack of fiber in the diet
  • Changes to your body (such as pregnancy or illness)
  • Traveling to foreign places (consuming unclean or exotic foods)
  • Aging
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Laxative abuse

The Importance of Getting Regular

Besides the discomfort of constipation, having waste accumulating in your colon is not a good thing for your overall health. Built up over time, waste and toxins are going to cause trouble. There is no doubt regular bowel movements are proving to be a good way to lower your risks of developing colon and colorectal cancers. What’s more, poor intestinal health means vitamins and minerals can’t be absorbed properly so your body just won’t be obtaining enough nutrition. Therefore, being constipated can really weaken your health in ways you may not have considered.

Need A Constipation Remedy?

Every year, constipation accounts for up to two million visits to the doctor by people seeking a constipation remedy. If your constipation has become severe, it may be an indicator of a more serious health concern and a physician’s visit might be in order.

Which diet change is the most important when you have constipation? In a word, fiber. If there haven’t been any other complications, like Hemorrhoids, and you haven’t been suffering with your constipation for a long time, a simple change in diet such as adding more fiber-rich whole wheat breads, grains, and fresh vegetables can be a constipation remedy.20 to 35 grams of fiber a day will add bulk to your stool without hardening it. Fresh fruits, legumes, and bran will also add needed fiber to your diet. At the same time, you’ll want to cut back on foods that have a tendency to constipate the bowels, like cheese, meat, ice cream and any over-processed foods.

Try and zero in on any medications that might be causing the digestive trouble and improve the situation by changing or eliminating the medication altogether if possible. Drink more and make sure you are getting stimulating exercise on a regular basis. Any exercise, even walking for 20 minutes a day, can be helpful because the intestines function better when they are getting sufficient blood and oxygen.

Laxatives or Enemas As A Constipation Remedy

Many people seem to think laxatives and enemas are a cure for constipation. If you use laxatives too much, your body can become dependent on them. Using too many laxatives also causes diarrhea and cramping. People with persistent difficulty in having bowel movements may tend to abuse laxatives for their immediate results. However, this abuse can cause dehydration, an imbalance of electrolytes, irregular heartbeat and possibly heart attack in some severe cases.

Herbal Constipation Remedy

Senna, a shrub growing in India and China is often used as an herbal constipation remedy. While it is effective and has been used for many years, it has drawbacks. The Anthraquinones in Senna may pose a risk to pregnant women, as it can stimulate muscle contractions. It can also cause painful cramps.

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