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Constipation Pain

Constipation is a term used to describe infrequent bowel movements and affects many people every year. While the most obvious symptom of constipation pain is difficulty in passing bowels, another very common symptom of constipation is back pain. Over time, as fecal matter builds up in the digestive tract and is not released, back pain or abdominal pain may result. This constipation pain results because of the back-up of matter in the digestive tract and because of the strain put on the muscles that are used for bowel movement when passing a bowel is more difficult.

Constipation in children frequently results in constipation back pain. If children are trying to pass a stool that is hard, dry, and very large, they have to really strain to move the bowel. As a result, they experience lower back pain from all the extra work the muscles have to do. They also may experience constipation pain in the anus from having to stretch its opening to allow the large stool to leave.

Those with severe constipation will frequently develop a condition known as fecal impaction. This occurs when the movement of a bowel from the beginning of the large intestine to the end where the rectum is, is blocked by a hardened bowel, meaning very little fecal matter is able to move into the rectum and out of the body. This condition very frequently leads to constipation pain and back cramps, as a result of the compacted fecal matter unable to be released from the tract.

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