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Constipation Enzyme Deficiencies

Causes of Constipation

Did you know that nearly 3 million people suffer from constipation in the United States alone? There are many reasons a person may become constipated. One often-overlooked cause is incomplete food digestion, which in turn causes waste to build up in the colon. Once waste is lodged in the colon, it can putrefy and ferment. Not only does this trigger constipation, but it can also result in the development of degenerative diseases.

constipation enzyme deficienciesIt is imperative for the body to properly digest food. Without healthful digestion, constipation enzyme deficiencies may ensue and wreak havoc on a digestive system already debilitated by toxic waste. Digestive enzymes can be replenished to improve digestion and reduce the toxins in the intestines and colon. This action will reduce the chances of constipation and the elimination process will become more regular.

The Role of Enzymes in Digestion

Enzymes are necessary to digest food into the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients we need. Enzymes are also necessary because they deliver these vital nutrients to the cells in our bodies. Raw food (such as fresh, uncooked organic vegetables) is an outstanding source of enzymes. However, when it is cooked these enzymes are destroyed and no longer viable. Even if you eat some raw vegetables with your meals, there may not be enough enzymes in them to help digest the cooked food you eat. The human body also makes its own enzymes to aid in digestion. Nonetheless, over-consumption of fast foods and processed foods, and even stress can diminish your body’s ability to digest food well.

Age is also integral to your potential for developing constipation enzyme deficiencies. As we get older, we begin to lose the ability to produce enough enzymes for complete digestion. This can result in constipation and an accumulation of toxins in the intestinal systems. This can result in stress on other organs and systems in the body as well. Before you know it, your entire physical health is unbalanced. To put it simply, enzymes are very important to digestion. They also play a key role in elimination and keeping the human body free of toxins. Enzymes work to keep your internal “sewer system” flowing freely.

If you are suffering from problems with constipation, you probably need to supplement your diet to reduce your chances of constipation enzyme deficiencies. If you do not have enough enzymes, you may become tired, run down, and ill. Enzymes are workers. Without them, you would not be able to eat, drink, swallow, breathe, or digest your food. Enzymes perform the tasks necessary to life. You do not have an infinite number of enzymes in your body, so it is important that people understand the role enzymes play in their complete health.

As stated, your body’s enzymes slowly start to lose their efficacy over time. This is a gradual process. Many people are not even aware of it. However, when they start to have bouts of constipation, heartburn, aches, pains, or a reduction in their stamina they begin to question what is going on. Many people simply chalk all of these ailments up to aging. While it is true your enzymes will lose their vitality as you age, there is something you can do about it. You can supplement your diet with enzymes to restore your body back to its full enzyme potential.

Not only does aging have an adverse affect on enzyme production, but so do eating fat and sugars, making a habit of fast foods, and having poor dietary habits in general. Environmental pollutions also cause cellular damage. This damage requires the aid of enzymes to keep the immune system strong for fighting against these toxins. This means that our enzyme ”factory” is exhausting itself to keep us healthy. All of these factors can diminish the body’s ability to keep us looking and feeling our best. However, it is possible to slow down this degeneration by fortifying your body with enzymes.

Benefits of Replenishing Enzymes

Do not suffer and allow your body to become toxic due to left over waste piling up in your system. Take the offense and reclaim your health. Constipation isn’t fun and it shouldn’t be accepted as a “natural” part of the aging process. It is simply a symptom alerting you to something going awry in the digestive tract. The sooner you start replenishing needed enzymes, the sooner you can reduce constipation enzyme deficiencies from your internal chemistry and reclaim the vitality you once enjoyed.

Individuals who are young and are not yet showing any of the signs of enzyme loss are also encouraged to supplement their diets with this important supplement. It will help keep them from experiencing constipation and losing their energy and zest for life. Remember the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Enzymes can work to restore your health and help those in good health maintain it before problems start. Get your enzymes today!

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