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Treatment for Constipation

A review of common treatment for constipation methods and preventative measures including diet, exercise, hydration, medications, laxatives, herbal remedies, improving bowel habits, and colon cleansing.

Stress and Constipation

Stress and constipation often go hand in hand. Learn about the causes and dangers of stress and how stress can lead to constipation. Includes details on fighting stress and reducing your constipation.

High Fiber Diet

One of the biggest problems with the Standard American Diet is the lack of high fiber diet. Improve your health by simply following a well balanced diet.

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High Fiber Food Chart

A High Fiber Food Chart can be a valuable tool for adding fiber to meals. Did you know you can eat more fiber to prevent diseases and help maintain optimal digestive health? Learn about the types of fiber and the benefits of fiber plus how to take advantage of the special fiber chart!

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Prune Juice Constipation

Discover the many benefits of prune juice constipation relief as an all-natural alternative for treating constipation. Learn also a definition of constipation and some of its causes.

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Soy Protein Constipation

Soy protein constipation is a possible reaction to a food allergy. Learn about some common allergy causing substances such as soy protein foods, and how to get relief for food allergy constipation.

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Calcium Constipation

With ads, doctors, and grandma touting the benefits of milk, a negative effect like calcium constipation seems out of place. Take this true-or-false quiz to see how much you know about calcium’s many benefits plus the risk of constipation from excessive calcium intake.

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High Protein Diet Constipation

While following a high protein diet constipation can be an unfortunate side effect. Learn about losing weight with a high protein diet, the potential risks associated with this method, and constipation relief methods in case it happens to you.

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Natural Laxative Foods

It’s not necessary to take drugs or chemical-based products to avoid constipation. What’s wrong with medicine you say? Did you know you can promote normal digestive functioning simply by eating more natural laxative foods? There is a better way to avoid constipation, so read on to learn how you can add natural laxative meals and snacks to your diet!

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Foods That Act as Natural Laxatives

High fiber diets provide many positive health benefits and they don’t have to be bland or consist of just grains and breads. Foods that act as natural laxatives can be nutritious and delicious and can appear in a variety of yummy dishes, such as this High Fiber Hot Tamales Recipe. Discover the rewards of a high fiber diet, learn how fiber benefits the colon, and review other natural methods for optimizing colon health.

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Diet For IBS

If you have IBS, you should begin developing a special diet for IBS to exclude certain foods that will aggravate this condition. Learn about what type of food you need to stay away from.

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List of High Fiber Foods

A high fiber diet is important to optimum health for a multitude of reasons. However, too many people fall victim to the Standard American Diet, consisting of fats and sugars. To combat this problem, we’ve compiled an extensive list of high fiber foods that are delicious and healthy at the same time.

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