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Complete Body Cleanse

A complete body cleanse can do several beneficial things for your health. It can cleanse your colon, make your body more inhospitable to intestinal invaders while also making it more inviting for friendly bacteria, and give your liver and gallbladder a full toxin flush.

Complete Body CleanseMany people are continuously ill with one affliction or another but without a reasonable explanation. The detrimental foods we eat, our polluted environment, and our sedentary lifestyles have a significant debilitating effect on our digestive systems. The human digestive system serves as a kind of “mission control” for our bodies and needs to be well maintained to perform at its best.

Many naturopaths recommend an annual all-encompassing health “renewal” process with a complete body cleanse at its core. Because the colon is the central hub of your body’s internal defense system, cleansing it occasionally can provide increased levels of health and wellness as well as reduced chances for illnesses later in life.

A complete body cleanse system (also known as the Body Cleanse Advanced Kit) from GHChealth.com includes several components for achieving or regaining optimal health.

The Complete Body Cleanse System

Oxy-Powder® is a product that can significantly improve your overall health condition. This is a globally recognized product with positive results reported by millions of users for helping to relieve themselves of constipation and bloating and to aid in colon cleansing in a gentle and natural way.

Backed by a 100% money back guarantee, Oxy-Powder® is safe and non-addictive. Oxy-Powder® utilizes an oxygenating effect to cleanse your colon and remove embedded waste matter that could be making you sick by weakening your immune system. Negative health symptoms reduced through a complete body cleanse include: constipation, bloating, feelings of sluggishness, foul body and breath odors, cramps, skin blemishes, and other constipation-associated difficulties. Many users even lose weight after a thorough cleanse once their body expels all the accumulated waste retained in the colon. Not only does Oxy-Powder® cleanse your colon but it performs in a gentle manner, is certified for vegetarian use or just those individuals trying to adopt an organic lifestyle.


A large portion of the population has dangerous organisms living in their bodies and aren’t aware of it. Many people who try a complete body cleanse for repelling hostile organisms are astonished at the outcome! You can physically see the results as your waste may begin to include these unwanted guests after the cleansing process is initiated. People drinking from a well or travel to exotic lands are at increased risk of coming into contact with these pathogens. In fact, everyone is at risk for these organisms because they can be easily ingested via several common methods.

Paratrex® is formulated especially to flush and detoxify your digestive tract. You can acquire organisms due to many factors such as poor hygiene, consuming unclean produce or undercooked meats, living or working in polluted environments, and/or drinking unsanitary water. Thus, invaders can be living in your body relatively undetected by you; you’ll probably notice their presence by the outward symptoms which can be easily dismissed but can still make you quite ill. Changes in skin color, rashes and lesions, severe changes in bowel habits, an itchy anus, and other signs can indicate an infestation has occurred. Paratrex® helps your body establish an environment that is hostile to any would-be invaders by introducing specialized organic herbs into your digestive system … and without any harmful side effects


Livatrex® is another product that can have a dramatic positive effect on your health. Liver cleansing can help alleviate many ailments such as allergies, skin problems like acne and eczema, and gallstones. Livatrex® contains a variety of organic and natural ingredients such as Organic Yellow Dock Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Wildcrafted Chanca Piedra, and many more. This unique proprietary blend promotes liver and gallbladder function by working to soften liver and gallstones, to cleanse the blood, and to neutralize harmful toxins in your body. Your liver is an extremely vital organ and, with it functioning at its best, contributes to your overall health. Completing a full body cleanse and detoxification can make you feel better in several ways by decreasing the level of toxins you might have accumulated from eating fast foods, consuming alcohol and prescription drugs, or from occupying an unclean home or work environment.


Our bodies are normally filled with billions of bacteria, usually the beneficial variety but harmful strains can occupy your gut as well. We need beneficial bacteria to help keep everything balanced internally. Latero-Flora™ supports the naturally occurring bacteria in our digestive tracts that promote our overall health. In Westernized culture, antibiotics are over-prescribed to the point of abusing ourselves as a species since they seem to have lost their effectiveness plus viruses are adapting to and resisting the standard penicillin formulations. While antibiotics are sometimes helpful in fighting off certain illnesses, they can also kill off the beneficial bacteria in our bodies as an unfortunate side effect.

Latero-Flora™ helps get rid of harmful bacteria and also helps restore balance to your digestive system for better overall health and immune function. The human body is a complex environment and the presence of Bacillus laterosporus (the main Probiotic ingredient of Latero-Flora™) can promote health in a noticeably positive manner, especially if you need to replace this natural flora after finishing a complete body cleanse.

Doing a complete body cleanse centered on digestive function is a great way to work on improving your health. Taking a proactive approach while you are still healthy is far wiser than waiting until you become ill before you start to fix your lifestyle and diet. If you are feeling ill or sluggish, talking to a naturopath in addition to your family doctor can be very beneficial. After all, as the saying goes, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. Likewise, many complete body cleanse methods exist. Utilizing products from a reputable company, with a proven record of accomplishment in the natural health arena, is a smart decision—perhaps the best one you can make regarding your health!

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