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Colonic Irrigation and Weight Loss

Colonic irrigation and weight loss have a very clear and definite connection. At the same time, the connection is often misunderstood. It is important for you to understand this relationship so you are not disappointed in the results of your irrigation.

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is just one of many methods you can use to cleanse your colon. With irrigation, your bowels are cleansed by a closed tubular system forcing liquid into your colon and then drawing it back out. As the liquid is removed, the built up mucus, sludge, and other waste material in your colon is removed as well.

Benefits of Colonic IrrigationColonic irrigation is not the same as an enema, because an enema does not utilize a closed system. Rather than drawing the waste and liquid back out, an enema involves holding the liquid in your colon for a few moments before you release it in the toilet. Furthermore, irrigation provides a more effective washing force than the little squirt-bottle effect of an enema. Therefore, take advantage of the benefits of colonic irrigation and weight loss is sure to be your reward.

Another method for cleansing the colon is to use herbal colon cleansing supplements. With the best herbal supplements, the waste lining your colon walls is liquefied, which makes it easier to be removed from your body.

Regardless of the type of colonic cleansing process you use, noticeable weight loss can follow. Herbal supplements and colonic irrigation, however, are more likely to result in weight loss because these methods cleanse the entire colon while the enema only cleanses the bottom portion of the colon.

Colon Cleansing Benefits Overall

Cleansing your colon is very beneficial and you are likely to notice an improvement in your health almost immediately. This is because the colon accumulates mucus, sludge, and toxic waste in its lining in response to the bad foods you eat. This buildup is your colon’s natural way of protecting itself from the impurities in the foods, such as the fats and artificial additives. Unfortunately, the mucus becomes excessive and slows down the digestive process. Therefore, you may begin to experience constipation.

Even if the ‘waste’ in your colon is not enough to cause constipation, it can contribute to a number of other illnesses. This is because the waste adheres to the colon’s lining and results in a release of toxins back into your bloodstream. This can cause you to experience chronic fatigue, allergies, or even skeletal and muscle pain.

Exploring the Connection Between Colonic Irrigation and Weight Loss

The connection may not be quite as exciting as you think. While it is true you may lose weight, the weight won’t actually consist of fat tissue. Rather, the weight you lose is from eradicating the mucus and sludge from your colon walls. Some people have reported losing as much as 20 pounds after cleansing their colons!

Of course, weight loss should not be your primary goal when cleansing your colon. In addition, a colon cleansing should not be a conscious part of your weight loss plan. If you are overweight, the only way to lose weight effectively is to eat healthy, exercise regularly, or you can try a weightloss supplement to help you in the process. When you begin to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, a pleasant side effect will be a healthier colon as well as a healthier body in general.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be thrilled about the positive relationship between colonic irrigation and weight loss. While you most likely won’t notice a change in your outward appearance when it comes to your weight, you will notice a difference in the way you feel. Most people report simply feeling “lighter” after a successful colon cleansing treatment, even those that don’t lose a significant amount of weight.

By losing weight through maintaining a healthful diet and exercising, and then cleansing your colon to help get rid of toxic waste, you will begin to feel more energetic and you will put less strain on your body by reducing unneeded baggage.

Increasing Effectiveness of Colonic Irrigation

To increase the effectiveness of your colon cleansing and improve your likelihood of losing weight, you should make a few simple dietary changes. The most important and beneficial change you can make, is to add more fiber to your diet. Fruit and vegetables are filled with fiber, as are breads and cereals made from whole grains. Be sure to include plenty of high-fiber foods in your diet and you will notice your colon starting to work more efficiently. In addition, these foods tend to be healthier in general and can very easily help you lose weight (including fat) and then keep it off!

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