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Colonic Board

Did you know the King Penguin is able to store undigested food in his stomach for up to 3 weeks? In the penguin world, the momma penguin leaves the egg for the male to incubate while she seeks food. During that time, he huddles with the other penguin-dads against the freezing cold and waits for the hatchling to emerge. He foregoes eating until his mate returns so as to not leave the egg unattended.

Colonic BoardSince we aren’t penguins, we can’t really store food within our systems for long-term use. Actually, having undigested food inside us for any extended period of time can lead to a variety of health problems.

The human colon processes food for eventual removal from the body. Unfortunately, the high fat, low-fiber diets many of us follow often make that difficult. Additionally, we don’t exercise enough and waste tends to stay within our systems too long. It’s no wonder, in the effort to achieve better health, many people are buying a colonic board to practice at-home colonic cleansing.

Why does waste cause sinus problems, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, constipation, and other negative health conditions? Well, the sludge produced by the colon’s reaction to our pitiable diets tends to form as a thick layer along the lining of the colon. The colon removes water from waste matter and absorbs it back into the body. However, the water has to pass through this layer of toxic sludge, thus poisons end up entering our bodies.

What Is a Colonic Board?

A colonic board or “colon cleansing board” is usually made of high impact plastic. The board doesn’t require assembly because it is one solid piece and is made to support adults weighing up to 250 pounds or more. The board usually is sold with a kit for administering an enema or a colonic irrigation. The kit usually includes tubing, disposable rectal tips, a catch container of some kind, and sometimes even an instructional video.

The colonic board possesses a waste collection shield allowing for elimination. The shielded end is placed over the toilet. The other end of the board is usually placed on a sturdy chair (some colonic boards are equipped with collapsible legs.)

For colonic irrigation, a bucket of body-temperature water is elevated so gravity provides the feed mechanism. The bucket should be hung about 4 feet above the board, and this permits a steady flow of water. The system is designed so a person can lie on their back on the board. The gentle flow of water allows the bowel to expel at its own rate. The filling and emptying of the bowel is relaxing, like an inner massage. Once the treatment is completed, the colonic board can be cleaned and stored until needed again.

The colonic board can also be used for a regular enema. The difference between colonic irrigation and an enema is that very little water is used in an enema. As a result, an enema usually only affects about the first 8 inches of the colon. However, a colonic irrigation will use anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons of water and cleanses deeper into the colon.

The price of a colonic board varies, but many different models are available online.

Colonic Cleansing

For some reason, Americans don’t seem to want to discuss the colon much. Colonic irrigation may be considered old-fashioned or an outdated method for keeping a healthy colon.

In other countries, colonic cleansing is performed routinely in hospitals, often before any other treatment is considered. The reasoning behind this preventative practice stems from the knowledge that administering drugs into an already toxic system is not as effective as people may think. Many people claim recoveries from chronic illnesses after a colonic therapy; and health practitioners are opening more cleansing clinics all the time. In clinical settings, these trained practitioners utilize a pump-powered colonic irrigation system and it must be applied with care. A single session of professional hydrotherapy can cost between 80 and 250 dollars. Some people believe receiving a few sessions at a clinic provides exceptional treatment for an ill colon. Others believe colon cleansing should be performed more often, or in the privacy of the home. Having a colonic board at home provides a convenient way to get rid of accumulated waste and thereby help to improve overall digestive health.

Most experts believe the amount of colonic cleansing needed relates to the length of time and severity of any chronic condition you may be experiencing. Many believe a combination of colonic irrigation and fasting, along with taking colon cleansing supplements, should be performed at least once a year. Oxygen colon cleansers are a great addition, that helps the gentle detoxification action of colonic irrigation. Conduct your own research and choose the method or combination of methods appropriate for you, but take steps now to help restore good health back to your colon. You will notice improvement in how you look, how well your body functions internally, and especially in how you feel.

If you are looking for a high-quality oxygen colon cleanser, we recommend Oxy-Powder®.

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