Colon Health Test

Yes No Question
Do you run out of energy in the afternoon?
Do you suffer from occasional headaches?
Are you having less than 2-4 bowel movements daily?
Do you have problems concentrating from time to time?
Do you experience gas or bloating 1 or more times weekly?
Is it hard for you to stay in a good mood?
Do you get irritable from time to time?
Do you have difficulty getting a good nights rest?
Do you have muscle aches, and stiffness?
Do you eat meat, sugar, fried foods and carbohydrates?
Do you drink less than ½ gallon of purified water daily?
Do you have problems controlling your weight?
Do you exercise less than 3x weekly?
Do you suffer from allergies or sinus problems?
Do you have bad breath or body odor?
Are you unhappy with your current health?
Are you currently suffering from any health problems?
Do you have hemorrhoids?
Is your skin broken out or blemished in any way?
Do you have frequent alternating bouts with constipation and diarrhea?
Do you have occasional abdominal pain?
Does it take you more than 5 minutes in the bathroom to have a bowel movement?
Do you have to strain to have a bowel movement?
Do your bowel movements have a foul odor?
Do you have hard, small or dry feces 1-2 times weekly?
Do you have painful bowel movements?
Do you have diarrhea 1-2 times per month?
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