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Colon Detox

Removing toxins and pathogenic organisms from the colon is an important step towards achieving optimal health. This is true if you are trying to regain your previous level of health, or are currently healthy but wish to remain that way.  There are a number of reasons why it is important to perform a colon detox on your journey towards improved health.

Detoxifying the colon literally means removing the poison. It is unhealthy to have toxic material residing within the internal organs of the body, but that is unfortunately the case for many people today. In many cultures years ago, this cleansing practice was common and a part of everyday life. It would ensure healthy evacuation of toxins and remove anything that had built up over time. Many of these native peoples never suffered from the chronic diseases affecting millions today.

Benefits of Detoxifying the Colon

Without realizing it, most people have accumulated toxins, organic debris, undigested food particles, and mucous in their bodies from decades of eating over-processed and refined foods, preservatives, following a sedentary lifestyle, taking prescription drugs, and being exposed to environmental pollution. If these toxins are not eventually removed, disease can occur in the form of intestinal disorders such as Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulitis, or colon cancer. Other diseases can occur that do not seem to be linked to the colon.  Many people with these diseases are really just suffering from a toxic overload which has compromised their health. Therefore, if you can try a colon detox program to remove these toxins, you have taken the first step towards regaining overall health.

When accumulated debris attaches to the sensitive intestinal lining, it can produce a hostile internal environment by killing off beneficial bacteria and promoting the growth of aggressive pathogens. Without beneficial bacteria present, these pathogens can upset the natural balance of intestinal flora needed for good health. The breakdown of nutrients for absorption into the bloodstream can also be diminished, causing nutrient deficiencies, unhealthy fermentation of internal waste, and a myriad of negative health consequences as a result.

Symptoms of a Toxic Digestive System

If the colon is not working properly due to the toxic burden, the result may be that other body systems have to work harder to compensate for this failure. This places added pressure and strain on the body, taxing it, and ultimately resulting in a variety of seemingly unrelated but damaging symptoms. The liver is a detoxification organ relying on a healthy colon and digestive system to aid it in breaking down food particles. When the liver is stressed, the body’s ability to clean the blood can easily become weakened as well. It is vital for maintaining optimum internal health to perform a colon detox procedure at least a few times a year to help the body rid itself of toxic substances and especially harmful pathogens.

If pathogens are allowed to remain within the internal environment, they can promote a number of health diseases, inflammation, food cravings, malnutrition, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, weight gain, skin rashes and outbreaks, frequent infections, lowered immunity, and a host of other problems.

To help ensure your body is operating as it should, with full immune system strength, and a clean, poison-free digestive system, you should perform a colon detox on a regular basis. With the world becoming increasingly toxic in every environment due to the presence of synthetic chemicals, it is difficult to avoid these poisons altogether. However, by living a healthy lifestyle and performing a colon detox periodically, many of these health problems can be avoided.

How to Perform a Colon Detox

Common methods for detoxifying the colon involve avoiding toxins as much as possible in the first place. Adopt an active lifestyle, such as through engaging in stimulating exercise that makes you sweat for naturally flushing toxins from your body. Eat whole foods as often as you can, especially fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains. Drink plenty of clean, filtered water to flush the body out every day. Avoid using synthetic chemicals and solvents in your home. Instead, use natural cleaners and detergents to aid in your colon detox regimen and reduce the burdens of chemicals on your body.

Internal detoxification can also assist in promoting good health. Oxy-Powder® will work to remove built-up toxins and clean the colon. Poisons that have accumulated over time can be flushed out and regular bowel movements can begin to occur again. This is a safe product for long-term use and is professionally formulated of all-natural minerals and herbs. It will also help create an inhospitable environment for disease-causing pathogens, but will not harm the beneficial bacteria living within the intestines.

Detoxifying the body is a necessary measure for promoting optimal health and helping to ensure the body is working on its own and healing itself. A healthy body will adapt to changes and keep the body balanced, but when the toxic burden is too heavy, disease occurs; so don’t forget—perform a colon detox occasionally to naturally return your body’s internal balance back towards optimum health.

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