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Colon Cleansing Benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with colon cleansing. The primary benefit is improved health, though other colon cleansing benefits include weight loss and simply feeling more energetic and strong.

The reasons for gaining these benefits from colon cleansing are quite simple – colon cleansing removes waste that has built up on the inside of your colon. This built-up waste causes toxins to be released into your blood stream. In turn, the toxins cause your immune system to function less effectively and you become more susceptible to illness. In essence, when you cleanse your colon, you are detoxifying your body.

Methods of Colon Cleansing

In order to reap the colon cleansing benefits, you first need to know how to go about doing it. There are many methods used for cleansing the colon. Some of the most popular methods include:
  • Enemas
  • Colonics
  • Herbal Colon Cleanser
  • Oxygen Colon Cleanser
While each of these methods can help to remove waste from the body, they each have their drawbacks. Enemas, for example, involve inserting tubes into the anus. If not done properly, the procedure can actually cause damage to the sensitive tissue inside the canal. In addition, most people find enemas to be quite uncomfortable and potentially messy. Furthermore, an enema is only capable of cleansing the first several inches of the colon rather than the entire digestive system.

Colonics also require inserting tubing into the anus. Although colonics are capable of cleansing the entire system, they are dangerous to perform if not done correctly because the procedure involves forcing water throughout the system. In addition, in order to increase the level of safety, it is best to have colonics performed by an expert. Experts in the procedure are not readily available in all areas and can be quite costly. Furthermore, there is no special certification procedure for becoming an “expert” in the procedure, which means the person you trust to do the job may not be as skilled as you had thought.

Herbal colon cleansers can bring about some of the colon cleansing benefits, but they are not able to actually lift the waste from the colon. Rather, they work by stimulating the bowels and recreating the same effect as laxatives. Overuse of laxatives or substances that work in the same manner as laxatives will ultimately cause the digestive system to slow down. As a result, it becomes dependent on these supplements in order to work properly.

By far, the best method for cleansing the colon is through oxygen-based supplements such as Oxy-Powder®. These supplements provide the entire colon cleansing benefits that you would expect by thoroughly cleansing the entire system. Furthermore, oxygen-based supplements do not require the use of tubes and do not present the dangers associated with enemas and colonics. Rather, you simply take one or more pills per day.

Oxygen colon cleansers are also preferable to herbal supplements because they do not work in the same manner as herbal supplements. Rather than behaving as a laxative and stimulating the digestive system, oxygen-based supplements actually break down the waste that is caked onto the colon walls and removes it from the system.

A Closer Look at Colon Cleansing Benefits

Obviously, removing waste from the body is going to have its benefits. After all, if the body doesn’t need it, why keep it in the body? The colon cleansing benefits, however, move beyond simply getting rid of waste.

A number of health issues have been directly linked to an unhealthy colon. Chronic constipation and fatigue are two problems commonly associated with this problem. Other problems, such as allergies, acne, joint and muscle pain, and even backaches have also been linked to unhealthy colons.

Although you may not want to deal with this subject, a mucus and sludge-filled colon provides the perfect breeding ground for hostile organisms that can wreak havoc on the body. By cleansing your colon, you helping to flush out any accumulated, toxic waste matter containing these harmful intruders. Plus, you are helping your body re-balance internally so your digestive system is no longer as “inviting” to any future would-be invaders.

Recognizing a Successful Colon Cleansing

To feel confident that you will receive the many benefits of colon cleansing, you will want to be aware of certain signs indicating your cleansing efforts have been successful. Simply counting the number of bowel movements you have is not enough to determine the effectiveness of your cleansing regimen.

The number of bowel movements that is “normal” for one person is not necessarily the same for someone else. In fact, “normal” can range from two to three bowel movements per week to four bowel movements per day. While using a supplement such as Oxy-Powder®, however, you will need to reach a certain targeted number of bowel movements each day during the cleansing phase.

Fortunately, there are a number of other signs to watch for besides the frequency of your bowel movements. First, take a look at the consistency of the stool. If you are receiving the colon cleansing benefits, your stool might actually be dark and shiny because of the sludge and mucus that has been removed.

You may also notice that you lose weight after completing a colon cleansing. Of course, this isn’t fat loss. Rather, it is the extra weight you were carrying around inside of your colon that has finally been removed. As a result of this cleansing, many people “feel” lighter and more energetic. You should also find that, after the cleansing phase is complete, you have more productive bowel movements on a regular basis – that is when you know the true colon cleansing benefits have been achieved.

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