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Colon Cleansers

Our colons were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing sewer systems in order to promptly flush digestive wastes from the body. Yet, according to the US Health & Human Services, over ninety percent of Americans are walking around with clogged colons. Just as the plumbing in our homes needs regular flushing to keep from becoming blocked, so too does the plumbing in our bodies.

Do You Need A Colon Cleanser?

If you are like most Americans, your colon has become so clogged that it can no longer function well. A clogged colon invites disease into the body in a number of ways. First, it allows toxins to remain in the body longer, increasing the time they have to accumulate to dangerous levels. Secondly, a clogged colon allows food and waste to pass through the system more slowly. This increases the amount of time that toxic substances have to penetrate the walls of the colon and enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Finally, a clogged colon reduces the efficiency of the system, and diminishes the number of vitamins and nutrients that are processed from foods. This weakens the immune system, allowing disease to develop throughout the body. So if you want to stay healthy, you need a colon cleanser to keep your body free of toxins and disease.

What to Expect From A Colon Cleanser

There are several different methods that you can use for cleaning the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is a procedure that can be performed by a trained professional using tubing and warm water to flush out the colon. This procedure might be a good idea for those who think they may have a very toxic colon. In this case, the colon hydrotherapist will probably also recommend the use of colon cleansing supplements to maintain the colon cleansing.

Supplements are another good method for cleansing the colon. Colon-cleansing supplements offer an easy and effective solution for cleaning the colon at home.

If you have never cleansed your colon before you may experience everything from skin eruptions to food cravings as toxins are released from the tissues in your body. Other detoxification symptoms may include a warm sensation in your bowels as well as headaches and fatigue.

After using a colon cleanser you may also notice increased sensitivity to stimulants, spices, medications and other products that affect your systems. Colon cleansing helps to remove the over stimulation of toxins that have numbed your body. Therefore things such as coffee, chocolate, garlic, and medications may have a more potent affect on your body.

Choosing A Colon Cleanser

Browse through your local supermarket or natural foods store and you will find a variety of colon cleansing products designed to cleanse the colon. How do you know which one will work best for you? The most important factor to consider when choosing a colon cleanser is the effectiveness of the product. Most colon cleansers are designed to scrape away compacted fecal matter and toxins, creating a passageway through the clogged colon.

A better solution is to use an oxygen-based colon cleanser that will actually soften and sweep away debris. Oxygen based colon cleansers, such as Oxy-Powder®, also provide a boost of oxygen to the colon’s tissues, allowing the cells to heal. Another benefit of Oxy-Powder® — it is designed to cleanse the entire intestinal tract, not just the colon, increasing the power and benefit.

How Often Should I Use A Colon Cleanser?

The side effects that you feel from a particular colon cleansing treatment should diminish over time as you continue to maintain the health of your colon. Initially, you should limit their frequency to the minimum number necessary for improvement. This will depend upon your diet and how you feel. If you are constipated, overweight, or experience symptoms such as headaches, mood swings, decreased energy levels, or emotional stress then you should use a colon cleanser regularly. If you eat healthy and maintain a regular exercise program, you may be able to go six months before repeating the procedure.

If you see no benefit after the recommended course of a particular therapy, discontinue the treatments and seek a better alternative. For example, if you are not feeling any improvements in your health from colon-cleansing supplements, try a colon hydrotherapy procedure, and then maintain this by returning to supplements.

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