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Colon Cleanser

Function of the Colon

The diameter of the colon should be about equal to a silver dollar. If the diameter is smaller, this usually indicates a constriction, and if it is larger, it indicates lack of muscle tone from a low fiber diet.

The foods we eat should move through the colon at an even rate. A healthy colon should produce a bowel movement for every meal. A healthy bowel movement should contain mostly dead bacteria and a small amount of undigested fiber, and should be light brown in color. Sometimes medications or supplements can cause bowel movements to change color.

Since the colon produces heat as a by-product of the digestive process, people who are constipated often have cold hands and feet. When constipated, the colon isn’t processing the food fast enough to produce its usual 105° temperature.

A colon cleanser can help relieve constipation so the colon can begin creating heat and processing foods faster like it should.

The Body-Mind Connection

More and more doctors are beginning to see a connection between disease and problems with the colon. Some people believe what we eat also affects us mentally and spiritually, affecting our overall health and not just that related to digestion.

If you are interested in the body-mind connection, you will want to monitor how your body reacts to various foods. Traditional Chinese medicine states, if you eat too much of any one food, it creates an imbalance in the body. According to this tradition, a colon cleanser (which helps to detox the colon) will also help increase mental and spiritual harmony. The Chinese believe the colon responds to emotional stress as well. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an example of what can occur from harboring too much negativity in your life.

A colon cleanser can help restore a natural body-mind connection. When the old waste is removed, the body starts to “lighten up.” Nutrients are more readily absorbed and intestinal blood flow is improved. Thus, a person’s mood becomes elevated and esoterically speaking, the mind and spirit are lifted as well.

If you want to maximize the benefits of detoxifying your body, you can try some mental exercises. Color therapy is one way to relax and rejuvenate your body. Color therapists suggest wearing light blues, greens, and browns to enhance the cleansing process.

Of course, meditation is a thousands-of-years old method for calming the body. For example, visualize a gentle waterfall washing over your whole body and cleansing away toxins.

Choosing a Colon Cleanser

A colon cleanser can often include dietary fiber. Often, the formulas contain herbs said to provide cleansing and toning effects on the colon. However, many of these herbs (such as Senna, Cascara sagrada, and Psyllium) have been demonstrated to disrupt the body’s natural elimination process, cause severe allergic reactions, and even cause potentially life-threatening damage to the liver, blood, and heart.

Intestinal bacteria often become depleted after using a colon cleanser. Including a Probiotic such as Latero-Flora™ is wise, and many colon cleansing kits provide Probiotic supplements. From birth forward, we begin to receive billions of good bacteria, especially from breastmilk so it’s wise to feed your child the natural way. The most common forms of beneficial intestinal microflora are bifidus and acidophilus.

The micro-flora are utilized in the final stages of digestion and so must work constantly to reproduce themselves. The more good bacteria we have the better since toxins destroy them all the time. Were we to lose all the good bacteria, the harmful bacteria could completely take over and the body would suffer. If you’ve had a bad infection and have been on a course of antibiotics, or experienced chronic diarrhea, it’s a good idea to replenish your microflora with a health supplement.

Although it isn’t usually diagnosed as such, if you are suffering from headaches, developing skin blemishes, you feel weak, or you have constipation, there is a chance your intestinal bacteria has become depleted. So, look for a high-quality organic Probiotics supplement such as Latero-Flora™ to supplement your colon cleanser. Many experts believe we should take Probiotics on a regular basis due to all the pollutants and toxins to which we’re exposed in our modern environment.

If you use laxatives or enemas for colon cleansing, be sure to replenish your bacteria population. Laxatives are often used as a constipation remedy. Natural laxatives are found everywhere in nature, from fruits and juices (think prunes) to natural fiber foods like whole grains, fresh vegetables, and salads.

Effects of Colon Cleansing

First of all, is colon cleansing as effective as people say? Just ask anyone who’s finished a thorough course of cleansing. Chances are they’ll be telling everyone around them they haven’t felt this great in years, and all just from trying a colon cleanser.

People proclaim the benefits of a colon cleanser like its given them a miraculous new lease on good health! The fact is—many diseases started with or are connected to a lack of digestive tract functioning. Diseases like gallstones, gout, high blood pressure, varicose veins, psoriasis, and (perhaps most commonly) obesity can all be linked to poor bowel function.

There are many effective colon cleansers on the market. Conduct your own research and determine the best colon cleanser for your unique situation. Pay careful attention to details such as potential side effects, documented results, prior customer feedback, and especially whether or not the cleanser contains all-natural organic ingredients or just a bunch of strange chemicals. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, why not try a colon cleanse just for the health of it?

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