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Colon Cleanse Products

Whether you believe in the adage “death begins in the colon” or not, you’ll have to admit our sedentary lifestyles and the Standard American Diet (SAD, isn’t it?) can’t be healthy for our colons.

Many of us have already begun turning away from heavy meats, fried foods, and fat-laden snacks and started adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to our diet. We may even ignore the tempting lure of French fries and milk shakes as we drive past the fast food restaurant around dinnertime, opting for healthier home cooked meals instead. Exercise is back in our lives as well, as we are trying to rediscover the idea that fitness is actually good for us.

But what about all that built-up sludge inside our colons? Colon cleansing is on everyone’s mind these days as we are learning to purge, downsize, and just get rid of waste of any kind. Colon cleanse products are also popping up everywhere and it’s hard to figure out which ones to use. They all claim to be safe and effective. Like anything else, you will want to investigate some of these products’ attributes and see what’s best for you and your family.

Many of the colon cleanse products have different ingredients you need to take at different times of the day or complicated procedures to follow, which can require too much planning and bothersome adjustments to our busy schedules. If a product contains a capsule to take in the morning and a tea to take at night, and you forget one or the other, you can experience failed results if not outright discomfort. So, the downside of many of these colon cleansers is that you need to stick to the regime or you may end up feeling sick and still constipated to boot!

Herbal Colon Cleanse Products

Some pharmaceutical marketing gurus seem to believe herbs represent “nature” and nature is good, therefore any herb we take won’t harm us, and the more we take the better off we’ll be. Nonetheless, not all herbs truly deserve to be called natural, are created with equal attention to details such as purity and quantity, or should be taken for long periods of time. In fact, taking certain herbs for extended periods can cause serious health problems. No matter what those money-oriented companies claim about safety, just how can those side effects be good for your body?

Cascara Sagrada

One of the most popular herbs used in colon cleansing, Cascara Sagrada or rhamnus purshiana comes from the dried bark of a certain tree from the buckthorn family. The tree grows mainly in the Pacific Northwest of the US and southern British Columbia. It has long been used for its laxative effect and, while it has its place in treating constipation, not everyone should take it. In practice, the dried bark contains Anthraquinones, which work with bacteria in our intestines to stimulate muscle contractions which in turn help remove waste.

Some people are very sensitive to the effects of Cascara Sagrada and may get severe cramps and discomfort. People who are taking Digitalis or Dioxin (drugs that regulate heart rhythm) should never take it as it can cause dangerous heartbeat irregularities. Long-term use of any laxative can also lead to potassium levels dropping to potentially harmful levels.

It is recommended that people not take Cascara Sagrada for more than two weeks, yet manufacturers of some colon cleanse products want us to use their product for two months or longer, claiming the gunk in our trunk took years to get there and will therefore take a long time to remove. Cascara sagrada contains Anthraquinones, which can cause muscle contractions, so it isn’t safe for ingestion by pregnant women.


Some colon cleanse kits include herbal teas to be taken daily, and many of theses teas include the herb senna. Senna, like all herbs containing Anthraquinones is not recommended as a long-term solution for several reasons.

Anthraquinones are what give plants and herbs their laxative effects. When blended with other herbs that have a more soothing effect, they can be somewhat useful; but the problem lies with using Anthraquinones for too long. The body becomes dependent on them to stimulate the bowel and there is some risk the digestive system will then be unable to function properly on its own.

Second, Anthraquinones work with the bacteria in our intestines to remove waste. Unfortunately, the bacteria removed often include the good bacteria we need for digestion. So, to return balance to our digestive system, the colon cleansing product suppliers suggest you purchase a Probiotic formula to replace the good flora which means you’re just spending more money to compensate for a poorly designed product!

Third, if abused these herbs can also cause electrolyte imbalances, and a loss in potassium and other salts needed for proper nerve and muscle function. This detail is of special concern since one of the muscles depending on balanced potassium levels is the heart. Therefore, people with liver or kidney diseases, congestive heart failure, or any kind of heart disease shouldn’t use herbal products containing this substance.


Another common herbal ingredient used in commercial colon cleanse products is derived from the husk, seed, or ground powder of Psyllium. Psyllium acts as a bulking agent as it absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water to create a sense of fullness within the lower intestine. This bulky, gooey mess stimulates your body to produce a bowel movement and that is how the “rope” effect occurs when you take a product containing Psyllium.

The long, thick, mucus-filled bowel movement may seem impressive, but you must realize it’s just the Psyllium that’s expanded and bound together, with very little of the impacted waste you’re trying to expel included. Also, all that water absorbed into the Psyllium is being pulled from your colon, bloodstream, and other organs. If you don’t drink a lot of purified water, your body can become dehydrated from using this dangerous herb, not to mention it can swell up in your throat and choke you!

Over The Counter Colon Cleansers

The Old Fashioned Enema

Repeated enemas are a dangerous solution to constipation. An enema every now and then won’t hurt you, but repeated enemas may disrupt the natural intestinal function, could actually damage tissue within the colon, and don’t offer a long-term solution for constipation. Enemas may also become habit-forming, meaning your body will only have a bowel movement if you give yourself another enema. Do you really want to have to give yourself an enema every single time you need to have a bowel movement? In most cases, enemas should be administered by professionals, and only as a last-resort, or in an emergency situation.

The Common Laxative

Laxatives can also be very dangerous because they can be habit-forming. This means your bowel may not be able to create muscle movements to eliminate waste until after you use another laxative. Just as with Anthraquinones, your body would no longer function on its own and would become dependent on an artificial substance to rid itself of waste.

Natural Colon Cleansers

Despite the problems with the previous options, there are some great colon cleanse products to help ease constipation, such as a safe, effective supplement for naturally stimulating a bowel movement and aiding in healing the intestines. You should be wary of any supplement that works like a laxative, as they frequently contain harsh chemicals or herbs that could be harmful to intestinal tissue. You should only use products that clean the intestinal walls, promote evacuation of toxins, and encourage a healthy intestinal environment for the good bacteria you need. Oxy-Powder® is a great choice-it’s safe, all natural and works quickly. Oxy-Powder® is not habit-forming, and the dosage can be specifically tailored to your individual needs. What’s more, it doesn’t include laxatives in its formula and is safe to use long term.

Constipation can be safely and effectively treated without resorting to colon cleansing products that are bad for your overall health, contain harmful side effects, or do not help condition the body to perform well on its own. Through a combination of regular exercise, drinking more water, maintaining a healthy, fiber-rich diet, or taking advantage of a supplement that safely helps the digestive tract function, you can overcome constipation and begin your journey towards optimal colon health.

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