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Cleansing the Colon and Women’s Health

It’s important for a woman at any age to take care of her health. Women’s health issues are becoming increasingly important as lifespan is extended and people expect to maintain active lifestyles well into their sixties and beyond.  In today’s information age, women have more access than ever to health and wellness information that can be life enhancing or even life saving.

Constipation – Society to Blame?

More than 70% of the human body’s natural defenses reside within the digestive tract. If this area is not maintained in optimal condition, it can affect every aspect of your well-being. Your bowel habits and your colon health are closely interrelated. If you aren’t having regular bowel movements, it could be a sign of serious health issues. Colon efficiency is vitally important for preventing illness and disease. Therefore, cleansing the colon is an important step towards improving vigor and vitality. While some women may not think they need to worry about colon health until much later in life, taking an early, proactive approach by cleansing the colon on a regular basis can return quite a bounty on that initial investment.

While some see the colon as “self-cleansing” and don’t think cleansing the colon is necessary or beneficial, some experts see today’s lifestyles as the catalyst in many existing health problems. Today, people often eat factory prepared foods that are full of sodium, preservatives, and synthetic fillers and artificial chemicals of every description.

It’s largely a sedentary society in which we live, especially in Westernized culture. People drive instead of walk, sit in front of their televisions or computers instead of being active outdoors, and consume calorie-heavy meals with portions more appropriate for Bigfoot than your typical account manager or teacher. Many of us occupy desk jobs instead of moving physically throughout our work space. We also tend to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, smoke cigarettes despite the documented health risks, and eat genetically modified food stuffed with pesticides and hormones. Sadly, many of us also rely on antibiotics and over the counter drugs for every little ache and pain. When it comes to constipation, we often reach for laxatives after a bit of self-diagnosis rather than address the root cause of our illness—lack of self-discipline and preventative measures such as cleansing the colon.

Health wise, our generation is more informed than ever yet also more ill than ever. Perhaps it’s time to reassess some outdated, unscientific notions, such as the idea cleansing the colon isn’t really necessary.  Sure, the colon could cleanse itself in the old days when people grew their own livestock, grain, and fresh vegetables.  However, in today’s polluted environment, your digestive and immune system is doing everything they can just to keep you going each day.

My Body Knows What to Do … Right?

Constipation is just a sign of things going wrong in your body. Your bowels need to eliminate the waste you are carrying. Otherwise, things can get ugly on the inside pretty quick. If your body needed waste, it wouldn’t get rid of it. When you don’t eliminate the biological waste your body doesn’t need anyway, toxic sludge can build up within your intestines and this can affect everything spanning from your inner health to your outer appearance.

You may be able to have an occasional bowel movement but you may not feel like you’re completely emptying your bowels. You may have to strain to go to the bathroom or several days lapse between bowel movements. Eventually, your body is going to turn against you if these symptoms aren’t resolved.

Everything tends to run smoothly if you adopt a high fiber diet, drink plenty of purified water, remain physically active, and especially promote your inner health. But if you aren’t eating well and staying active, things can slow down internally to an exasperating crawl. Whether you experience only sporadic or constant constipation, your body shouldn’t be fighting to rid itself of waste.

Pros and Cons of Colon Cleansing

Women’s health advocates differ on whether cleansing the colon via a water colonic is completely necessary and some say it can even be harmful due to the potential for irrigation tubes causing internal injury or spreading bacteria. Using a colon-cleaning product taken orally might be a safer solution. However, many products are available so it can be difficult to determine the best method for cleansing the colon.

Cleansing the colon can be very beneficial for your health. Choose a product that gently cleanses the colon, helps your body rid itself of impacted waste, and also results in a reduction of overall constipation symptoms. Oxy-Powder® effectively reduces constipation symptoms while also cleansing the colon with the pure power of activated oxygen. Oxy-Powder® is made with organic ingredients and gently flushes out old fecal debris over an eighteen-hour period. Oxy-Powder® accomplishes much more than laxatives–they just dump what’s already sitting there waiting to be eliminated. Oxy-Powder® is also kind to the healthy flora living in your system but promotes an inhospitable environment for harmful flora seeking to take hold.

When your digestive system is sluggish, it can result in weight gain, excess gas, bloating, and abdominal cramping. Trying to have a bowel movement when you’re constipated can not only be straining but physically draining as well. Constipation can affect every facet of your active life. If you are repeatedly suffering from digestive problems, it’s important to try cleansing the colon as soon as possible.

Steps to Help with Cleansing the Colon

Improving your diet, getting enough exercise, and reducing stress in your life are all important elements to achieving a healthy and happy life. If you need to occasionally help your body by cleansing the colon with Oxy-Powder®, you’re just helping your body perform naturally without resorting to the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals found in laxatives and herbal products. Oxy-Powder® can even help boost your immune system and you may experience a small degree of weight loss once your body rids itself of the old waste it has been storing.

Your immune system function and thus your overall health are all directly related to your digestive system. A woman’s intestines, colon, and stomach all must perform at peak efficiency, so take care of your health. Cleansing the colon might not be necessary every day, but using a product like Oxy-Powder® to help your digestive system work well is a smart move. Women’s health issues are very important and constipation is one issue anyone can combat just by exercising a little common sense. Cleansing the colon on a regular basis may benefit you more than you know!

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