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Cleansing Herbs

America is a nation of fads for everything—dieting, clothing, music, and even medicine. Every so often, a fad catches on and spreads like wildfire. Remember the boy-band surge in the 90’s? How about the Atkins “all meat” Diet in 2001? These are fads that have come and gone (and usually for good reason). Sometimes they last quite a while before disappearing. This is especially true with diet fads proclaiming the benefits of some new cleansing herbs or metabolism-adjusting chemical. It seems everyone is looking for a quick fix instead of investing real effort into their weight management goals.

Likewise, whenever a new medicine is released (with all the fanfare of a Hollywood blockbuster or the invention of sliced bread), it’s seems to become the “go-to” prescription for most doctors. Rewards in the form of vacations, gifts, or outright kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs don’t hurt the cause either. By the way, the Atkins Diet never said you should consume nothing but protein indefinitely. If you actually read the entire book, you will learn that you’re supposed to gradually phase out the protein and switch to eating primarily raw, organic fruits and vegetables just as you should anyway.

Natural Health Management

Whether as a form of backlash to these deceptive tactics or in spite of them, we’re heading now into an era where more people want natural solutions to their health problems.

Organic foods are selling at an all-time high. Books on wellness and alternative health are topping the charts on Amazon.com. More businesses are offering holistic healing and therapeutic services such as massage, infrared sauna, and water hydrotherapy. While it’s true many civilizations have been using natural herbs for healing and internal cleansing, it’s also true they’ve probably experimented with these herbs to the point they have it down to a science. They know the ins and outs of special cleansing herbs, such as which ones are appropriate for certain conditions and what side effects each may cause.

The problem we face as a modern culture is that we don’t research the properties of these powerful herbs as thoroughly as native peoples living in natural environments. For unexplainable reasons, well-educated and professional minded people will still believe—if a teaspoon of some herb is good for you, then a tablespoon must be great. We hear from a friend or coworker that certain cleansing herbs are great for constipation relief and we take it without ever researching it on our own.

Herbs for Colon Cleansing

With the health-boosting attributes of colon cleansing, it’s become a very popular component of an overall health management plan. True, colon cleansing is great for your body, but the method you choose can make a dramatic difference on the outcome.

Natural cleansing herbs with laxative properties should never be taken to cleanse your colon on a long-term basis. They stimulate the colon into artificially producing a bowel movement but don’t actually “cleanse” it. Over-use of these harsh stimulants can irritate your colon and or even cause your bowel to lose its ability to empty itself normally. You could end up having to rely on these herbs just to have a bowel movement!

Types of Cleansing Herbs

Here’s a list of some of the more popular herbs used to cleanse the colon.

  • Senna is a powerful stimulant and can lower potassium levels in the body to the point that muscle weakness occurs. Senna can also affect the normal rhythm of the heart, so this presents an obvious danger. Aching joints, loss of weight, and weakened bones are other dangerous side effects of taking too much Senna.
  • Psyllium Husk can actually cause bowel blockage if it’s not taken with large amounts of water. This is because Psyllium expands as it absorbs moisture. For this reason, Psyllium can lead to choking by constricting the airway. Psyllium can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals so severe they can’t breathe properly and their skin breaks out. When taken with prescription medications, Psyllium can hinder your ability to absorb it.
  • Cascara Sagrada is one of the most powerful cleansing herbs and it should never be taken by pregnant women or children or for more than 7 days. Cascara sagrada can lead to a chemical dependency on the herb to continue having bowel movements. Ironically, this herb can cause severe cramping, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Cascara can interact negatively with drugs in the cardiac glycoside family, such as Digitalis, so it may present additional concerns.
  • Aloe should never be taken if you are diabetic. Likewise, aloe can cause potassium deficiency, severe intestinal cramping, and alterations in heart rhythm.
  • Burdock Root is a relatively mild laxative that also tends to cause skin irritations. Not much is known about the long-term toxic effects of cleansing herbs like Burdock, but it has caused complications in diabetic rats in a clinical study.
  • Dandelion is relatively safe compared to other laxative herbs, but it increases acid production in the stomach. People suffering from a stomach ulcer or gastritis probably shouldn’t take dandelion for this reason.

A Safe Alternative for Colon Cleansing

It doesn’t make healthy sense to use cleansing herbs to promote colon health. These herbs simply don’t have what it takes to cleanse the colon thoroughly yet safely. Whereas some of these natural herbs have been used for centuries to treat occasional constipation, they’re not beneficial for cleansing the colon. However, you can find fully natural supplements made specifically for this health concern.

Oxy-Powder® is an organic colon cleansing product using oxygen to cleanse the colon. With its powerful, yet gentle formula, Oxy-Powder® has been recommended by doctors and nutrition experts around the world as one of the best colon cleansers available. The unique formula of oxygenated magnesium, citric acid and organic germanium-132 is designed to soften, lift, and remove any deep-seated, hardened waste clogging your colon.

With 70% of the body’s immune system located in the digestive tract, you can see the importance of having a clean colon. Oxy-Powder®’s safe and effective cleansing action even encourages the growth of beneficial flora within your colon, supporting more efficient digestion and better nutritional absorption. Also, unlike the aforementioned cleansing herbs, Oxy-Powder® is completely non-addictive and can be used once in a while for heavy cleansing or all the time for regular maintenance.

With a cleaner colon, your energy levels can increase and you can experience a clearer perception because your body will no longer be burdened with toxin-filled waste. Don’t delude yourself into taking cleansing herbs that were never intended to cleanse your colon. Use a safe colon cleansing supplement and take care of your body with a little common sense.

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