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Cleansing Enema

The human colon is an organ vital for achieving overall health and wellbeing. The purpose of the colon is to expel waste and toxic material from the body. The intestines are constructed of highly absorbent tissue providing a protective barrier between waste matter and the bloodstream. Problems and disease arise when the colon is not evacuating waste and poisons properly or not at all. Over the course of years, these toxins begin hindering the colon’s efficiency and allowing harmful microorganisms to thrive. A number of modern factors contribute to this crisis of the colon. Lack of exercise, poor diets consisting of over-processed and preserved foods, lack of fiber, low water consumption, drinking colas and coffee, high stress levels, and over ingestion of medications all present themselves as culprits when it comes to poor digestive health.

Cleansing Enema

The Enema Process

The easiest solution for many of today’s illnesses and diseases is a simple colon cleansing enema. Colon cleansing helps remove waste and toxic matter and promotes self-healing of the sensitive cells within the intestinal tract. Cleansing the colon can occur in many different ways, with the most common being the standard enema cleansing.

A cleansing enema consists of forcing water (at low pressure) through a hose-like nozzle into the rectum through the anal opening. Enemas have been utilized for centuries by people of many cultures to help ensure a clean colon and optimal health. Enemas utilizing harsh chemicals or water that is of an extreme temperature should be avoided as these methods could harm the intestinal lining. Enemas can be a healthy method for cleansing the colon. However, precaution should be taken when performing one on yourself or someone else without the guidance of a professional healthcare practitioner.

Effects of An Enema

An enema works by forcing mildly temperate, filtered, non-chlorinated water into the internal digestive tract. The water cleans the walls of the intestines by essentially rinsing away the accumulated debris. This is necessary because it is common for a person to have waste stuck to the walls of the intestine for a long time, and the force of the water in a cleansing enema works to remove this residue. The enema should be performed slowly, not rushed, and without high pressure, as this may cause harm internally.

Approximately 1 to 3 quarts of clean water will be used overall, with a rate of about 1 cup per minute being pushed into the colon for flushing. It is important to lubricate the enema tube to ensure it enters easily and to avoid any tissue damage. All equipment for the procedure should be well sterilized or brand new if it is disposable.

It is not uncommon for some cleansing enemas to require certain essential oils. These oils must be pure and without additives. Essential oils for use in an enema can also help relax the intestinal muscles and promote cleansing and tissue healing. The most common and safest essential oils for use in a cleansing enema include: fennel, ginger, lemon, or rosemary. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional regarding each of these practices before trying them at home.

Following fluids being forced into the colon, a person should logically expect the fluids to come back out, and most home enema kits include a catch pail for this purpose. The body is being detoxified in the process, so it is normal to expect waste matter to be released as well.

Helping the Cleansing Enema Work for You

After a colon cleanse, it will be helpful to drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of purified water that day in order to continue the body’s detoxification process and to help keep the bowels regular. On the actual day of the enema, it is beneficial to eat easily digestible foods in order to give the body a rest after the colon cleansing.

The enema serves a number of purposes. It cleans the bowel, strengthens the digestive system and immune response by flushing out toxic material, improves circulation, and may aid in such problems as hemorrhoids, constipation and Ulcerative Colitis.

Following a cleansing enema, you can expect an increase in bowel movements, as the enema’s main function is to induce them. Colon cleansing may also relieve some symptoms associated with headaches, depression, colds, flu, and overall malaise. However you choose to cleanse your colon, the point is to get that toxic material out of your body so it can begin to function normally again. So try the method that works best for you and you’re sure to notice the results!

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