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Cleansing Diets

Cleansing diets are those diets designed specifically to help purify your body. While cleansing diets may target various organs in the body, the most commonly targeted area is the colon because it’s an organ that most significantly affects the overall health of your body. Furthermore, the colon is fairly simple to cleanse.

Why Cleansing Diets Are Important

Special cleansing diets can range from fasting to simply increasing the amount of certain foods you consume. If you engage in a true fast, you will completely refrain from eating solid food for a period of time. Of course, denying yourself from any sustenance can be dangerous, so this isn’t the ideal solution. Rather, you should restrict your diet to foods that help nourish your body while also encouraging your colon to become cleansed.

By choosing the right foods to eat, special diets allow you to stay healthy while also emptying your colon of accumulated waste. This is crucial for your overall health because the built-up waste is toxic to your body. Ironically, your colon creates much of this toxic material in an effort to protect itself from the unhealthy foods you eat. The mucus and sludge your colon creates as a barrier to harmful foods becomes practically impossible for it to expel unaided. As a result, this mucus adheres to the inner lining of your colon and the toxins are eventually absorbed back into your bloodstream.

Toxins in your bloodstream can promote a number of illnesses, or at the very minimum can make you feel habitually tired. If you experience problems such as acne or allergies, it may also be due to your clogged up colon. Cleansing diets can help get things moving efficiently once more in your bowels, which will help prevent the toxins from being released into your body. Therefore, you may actually notice a reduction in these illnesses and conditions following a diet program.

Broth Diet

All-broth diets are one type you might consider following. As the name suggests, all-broth diets consist of eating only broths and other juices. The broths and juices you consume should be derived from fruits, vegetables, and grains. Although you may crave the flavor of meat, it increases production of the sludge and mucus you are trying to eliminate. Therefore, you need to stay away from meat while you are going through your cleansing process.

All-broth cleansing diets are helpful because the fiber in organic fruits, vegetables, and grains helps encourage the removal of waste. Since fiber cannot be digested by your body, it binds with the waste while also absorbing water from within your colon. All-broth diets work effectively because they contain the fiber necessary to remove the waste while also providing your body with plenty of water for preventing constipation. On the other hand, broth diets can leave you feeling a bit hungry since you are not eating solid foods during the cleansing period.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

If you are concerned about not getting enough solids in your diet and feeling hungry, you might want to consider adding plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to the menu. Fruit and vegetable cleansing diets may still include broths, but you may eat fruits and vegetables during the initial cleansing period as well.

If you choose to follow fruit and vegetable diets, you need to avoid adding flavoring agents that will have an adverse effect on your success. Butter and salt, for example, are not healthful additives. Both of these flavoring agents encourage the creation of mucus in your colon. Moreover, you can choose to prepare the fruits and vegetables in just about any way you wish—roasted, baked, steamed, or raw are all acceptable methods of preparation.

Fruit and vegetable diets can still be effective for colon cleansing, but all-broth diets are usually a bit more effective at helping to remove the sludge and mucus. But, fruits and vegetables are a great alternative if you believe you can’t go a few days without having something solid to eat.

Preparing for Special Diets

In order to make cleansing diets a success, you need to prepare for them ahead of time. Purchase all the foods you will be eating before you begin the diet. Remember, most of these diets last about four days. But, if you find yourself needing supplies at the grocery store during this period, you may find it difficult to resist the temptation to buy sweets and other goodies that aren’t on the plan.

You should also have plenty of fluids on hand. Herbal teas are great for dieting, but you should be careful of the ingredients as dangerous herbs are utilized by some manufacturers. When in doubt, purified water is best. Always avoid drinks with artificial flavoring or sugar. In addition, you should stay away from milk because the calcium also encourages production of the slime and mucus.

By following these few simple steps for cleansing diets, you will be more successful throughout the process. Better yet, you will probably feel a lot healthier when it’s done!

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