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Bowel Cleansing

Your bowels, also referred to as intestines, are extremely important for your normal body functioning. They are responsible for storing and moving waste through your digestive system. In order to maintain the optimum level of health, it is important to routinely engage in bowel cleansing as a part of your overall health regimen.

Benefits of Bowel Cleansing

There are numerous reasons to conduct a good cleansing. First of all, a cleansing removes the built up fecal matter, sludge, and mucus that has formed inside your colon. When you consume certain foods, particularly highly refined foods and those with artificial preservatives and other additives, your colon needs to protect itself from harm. In order to do this, it creates mucus and sludge to coat the potentially harmful waste. Over time, this mucus and sludge builds up inside your colon like a barrier between itself and the unhealthful foods being digested.

Methods for Cleansing the Bowel

Simply taking a laxative does not really remove the sludge and mucus inside your colon. Rather, it just softens the stool your colon is already preparing to eliminate. In order to lift out the accumulated fecal matter, sludge, and mucus lining your colon, you need to perform a comprehensive bowel cleansing to help lift out and liquefy the waste matter. A product such as Oxy-Powder® can do this for you, helping you to actually clean out your bowels thoroughly and efficiently.

Another option for a successful cleansing method is performing an enema cleansing. While an enema can get your bowels clean for a while, the procedure can be quite uncomfortable and even messy. By taking a supplement designed just for this purpose, you don’t have to experience the discomfort of an enema, worry about messy results, or be caught off guard just when you’re away from the bathroom.

By cleansing on a regular basis, harmful organisms are less likely to make their home in your colon. In addition, toxins from your stored waste cannot pollute your bloodstream. As a result, you should feel more energetic and your body should be more capable of fending off disease. If you suffer from acne problems, you may notice your skin becoming clearer after a cleanse. You should also experience bowel movements with greater regularity and you might even lose weight as your body finally gets rid of the excess garbage it has been carrying around.

Instructions For Performing A Cleansing

In order to maximize success, it is important to read the instructions of the dietary supplement you will be using to help with the cleansing process. Unfortunately, many herbal concoctions require you to fast for a period of time or to heavily restrict your diet. While following a diet high in fiber and including plenty of water is good for your body, your chosen product shouldn’t disrupt your life.

A colon cleanser, such as Oxy-Powder®, will allow you to continue eating your regular meals while simultaneously cleansing your bowels. Additionally, you only need to take four capsules in the evening along with an 8-ounce glass of water. If you do not have three to five bowel movements the next day, you would add two more capsules to the initial amount each successive night until you achieve the desired results. Once you achieve three to five bowel movements in one day, you will take that number of capsules each night thereafter – that’s your effective dose.

Your bowel cleansing is complete after just seven nights at that level of effectiveness. Oxy-Powder® is safe to take every night or every other night after the cleanse is complete as part of your routine, bowel cleansing maintenance. That way, you can help maintain the proper functioning of your bowels.

Aiding Cleansing With A Healthy Diet

Of course, for optimum cleansing, it is best to follow a healthy diet. Not only will this help keep your bowels clean, it will also keep the rest of your body feeling and looking great. Eating foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is very beneficial. This is because fiber cannot be digested by your bowels. As a result, it collects more water into your stool while also providing it with more bulk. This makes your stool looser yet bulky enough to be easily passed through your bowels.

It is also beneficial to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. While drinking water has not been shown to alleviate constipation or to assist in bowel cleansing, it is known that a dehydrated body is unable to properly digest food.

It is also best to avoid eating foods high in fat, such as meat, eggs, and butter. Similarly, dairy products can also lead to constipation. Yogurt, however, is very beneficial to the digestive system. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria and calcium, both of which help maintain a healthy colon. By combining a healthy diet with a regular cleansing regimen, you will discover a level of health you never dreamed possible.

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