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Blocked Bowel

A blocked bowel can result from a number of different causes. Some cases may not be too severe, such as with mild constipation, while others can be much more serious.

Causes of Bowel Blockage

Some of the most common causes of blocked bowel include:

  • Tumors in the colon
  • Heavy scar tissue
  • Hernias
  • Infestation by hostile organisms
  • Severe or occasional constipation
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Cancer

If the bowel blockage is in the large intestine, the most common cause is cancer. When blood flow gets restricted to only one part of the colon, this condition is known as Ischemic Bowel. The colon actually becomes strangled to the point where nothing can pass through.

Other, less common causes of bowel obstruction include Diverticulitis (basically, a narrowing of the colon) or a condition called Intussusception wherein one part of the intestine actually folds into another section, ultimately causing bowel blockage.

Symptoms of a Blocked Bowel

The symptoms for bowel blockages in both the small and large intestine are very similar. In both cases, abdominal pain and bloating is evident, but vomiting is typically an effect of a block within the small intestine. Also, a blocked bowel may result in a lack of passing any gas, which can lead to additional pain and discomfort. Sometimes, if the colon is not totally blocked, diarrhea may be the symptom presented.

Drastic Measures for Treating Bowel Blockage

Once your bowel is completely blocked, it may be necessary for a physician to remove the obstruction manually. If you have to visit a hospital to treat this problem, you will not be allowed to eat or drink. All of your nutrients will be given intravenously and a nasogastric tube is used to remove gas and fluids from your stomach. It’s an uncomfortable situation to be in, so it’s definitely worth it if you can avoid such conditions with preventative measures.

In cases of colon cancer, the blocked bowel is usually removed with a laparoscope. A small incision is made and the lighted scope and surgery instruments are inserted to make the repair. This method is also used to treat the conditions related to Crohn’s Disease and Diverticulitis. Stints (special devices for keeping the pathway open) are used if the cancer is inoperable, allowing the intestines to still function.

In the event that a section of your colon needs removed from an extensively blocked bowel, a colostomy may be put in place to collect the waste your body will still be producing. Your doctor will give you precise instructions on how to care for the colostomy equipment and he’ll give you information regarding the best foods to eat while it is place.

Preventing Bowel Blockage

A blocked bowel can be a very debilitating condition, due to the pain, inconvenience, and general discomfort, and it can present an adverse effect on your entire life. You may have to miss a lot of work to deal with the complications. The pain could cause you to lapse into a depression or even be irritable to loved ones who are only trying to help. It’s worth doing everything you can to prevent bowel blockage. Granted, some causes are easier to prevent than others, but the main idea is to take as excellent care of your body as you can.

One of the best methods to help prevent a blocked bowel is to perform a routine colon cleansing so you can remove any waste that is accumulating. A clean colon significantly reduces your chances of many colon related issues and aids your immune system in warding off illness since it doesn’t have to devote resources to fighting constipation.

Oxygen Based Colon Cleanser

Through years of neglect, hardened waste tends to collect in the minute bends and crevices of the small and large intestines where it can eventually cause a blocked bowel. Many innovative products can help you remove all that sludge and toxic build-up. One of the most effective is Oxy-Powder® because its oxygenating action liquefies waste so it can be removed easily.

Oxy-Powder® is an all-natural formula designed to gently soften, lift, and remove hardened feces. Oxy-Powder® is effective because it generates oxygen to cleanse the colon that is also beneficial for internal tissues and chemical processes. The main ingredients include ozonated magnesium and citric acid. The magnesium is catalyzed by your stomach acid and oxygen is the product, while the citric acid provides a boost to the extended output. The deep-cleaning action of Oxy-Powder® can leave you feeling clean from the inside out.

The Importance of Regular Colon Cleansing

Many experts assert the average person is carrying between five and twenty-five pounds of hardened feces in our colons at any given time. So it’s easy to see how you could develop a blocked bowel. If you could purge some of this accumulated debris, however, not only can you feel better, but your colon can begin working more efficiently by not being burdened with all that toxin-filled garbage.

The positive health benefits of having a clean, efficiently working colon include less fatigue, a clearer complexion, and a healthy metabolism that is more likely to absorb nutrients well. Your mind can begin to feel clear and “sharp” and you probably won’t get sick as often since your immune system can concentrate its powers for something besides getting rid of fecal waste. Over time, you may even find that many of your everyday ailments and aches have begun to disappear.

It cannot be stressed enough just how important it is for your colon to be clean and working efficient. A colon cleansing supplement like Oxy-Powder® can help cleanse your colon while not harming the beneficial flora in your colon that aid in digestion. Don’t forget to drink plenty of purified water, exercise on a regular basis, and maintain a diet with plenty of organic fresh vegetables and fruits to help you prevent a painfully blocked bowel.

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