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Best Colon Cleanser

As a regular part of your health routine, it is important to maintain a healthy colon. In addition to eating the right foods and getting regular exercise, keeping your colon clean and healthy also involves engaging in an occasional colon cleansing. By cleansing your colon, you can wash away the built up waste, mucus, and sludge. As a result, your waste will be able to move more efficiently through your digestive system and harmful toxins can be flushed out. In order to achieve these results, however, you will need to get an extremely effective cleanser designed to get the job done.

best colon cleanser

Get the Best Colon Cleanser – Oxy-Powder®

When searching for the best colon cleanser, you will not need to look much further than Oxy-Powder®. Research comparing Oxy-Powder® to other colon cleansers on the market has routinely demonstrated Oxy-Powder®’s superior ability to clean the colon.

One of the characteristics making Oxy-Powder® the best is the fact it uses oxygen to aid in the cleansing process. Oxygen-based colon cleansing products are able to attach to oxygen and stabilize it. As a result, the oxygen can liquefy the accumulated waste lining the walls of your colon. Once the waste is liquefied, it can be expelled from the body normally.

There are a number of products on the market claiming to be oxygen-based colon cleansing products. You need to be careful when selecting one of these products because many are not truly oxygen-based. Bear in mind the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements, including colon cleansing products. Therefore, it is easy for unscrupulous manufacturers to make untrue claims about selling “the best colon cleanser around”.

If the label of the product indicates it is made with magnesium oxide or magnesium peroxide, for example, you are not getting a true oxygen colon cleanser. This is because these ingredients are not able to release oxygen unless paired with additional products. In addition, those with ascorbic acid are not true oxygen colon cleansing products because ascorbic acid neutralizes any benefits you would gain from the released oxygen!

Why is Oxy-Powder® the Best?

Actually, Oxy-Powder® is not the only product containing ingredients for encouraging the release of oxygen. But, there are only two products on the market capable of promoting oxygen release for more than 16 hours. These products are Oxy-Powder®, which is generally considered the best colon cleanser, and Homozon.

Homozon is an effective product, but it has a lower electromotive force, which measures the “aggressiveness” of the oxygenation process. The majority of oxygen releasing products have an electromotive force of 1.23 or less. Homzon has a much better electromotive force, but Oxy-Powder®’s rates higher. In fact, Oxy-Powder® consistently has an electromotive force of 2.4 or higher. This is one factor helping to make it the best colon cleanser on the market.

Benefits of Using the Best Colon Cleansing Product

When you use the best colon cleanser, the benefits will be easy to recognize. Those products relying on a laxative effect to cleanse the colon may result in loose stools because they really just function similar to diarrhea—they just liquefy the waste in the rectum that would have been expelled anyway. This is not beneficial to the colon, as it prevents it from working naturally and thus it becomes weaker. A true colon cleansing requires washing away the accumulated toxic waste residing in your colon.

When you are using the best colon cleansing product, you will find your stool starts to become darker in color as the built up sludge is finally removed. You might also notice that your stool is shiny from the mucus being removed as well. Try Oxy-Powder® to help you train your colon to work its best. You have nothing to lose except that awful constipation!

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