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Best Colon Cleanse

The colon is a very important organ that needs to be properly maintained. Many Americans are suffering from constipation, with the majority of cases being progressive constipation. This form of constipation is caused when the person does not use the restroom when the urge occurs naturally. Over time, the colon becomes trained to ignore the urge and becomes weakened, and eventually the intestinal muscles lose strength.

There are other causes of constipation besides progressive constipation. The foods you eat, lack of exercise, and even certain medications can lead to constipation as well. Therefore, a well-operating colon is vital to your overall health. In fact, many health problems can be traced back to an unhealthy colon. Skin problems, sore muscles and joints, and even difficulties with losing weight can be attributed to an unclean colon. Furthermore, millions of Americans have intestinal intruders in their colons and don’t even realize it. Using one of the best colon cleanse products for keeping the colon clean is the first step toward treating and preventing infestations of harmful organisms.

Why Are Oxygen-Based Supplements the Best Colon Cleansers?

The best way to keep your colon clean is to occasionally flush it out as a part of your normal health routine. If you are looking for only the best colon cleanse products, you need to look for those incorporating an oxygenation effect as the key process. This type cleanses the colon while simultaneously revitalizing your digestive system with oxygen.

For the best colon cleanse, you need to use oxygen-based colon cleansing products. Unfortunately, there are several claiming to be oxygen colon cleansers that really are not. In order to be a true oxygen-based colon cleansing product, it needs to be able to stabilize oxygen. Those products made with just magnesium oxide and magnesium peroxide are not the best products available. This is because magnesium oxide is not capable of releasing oxygen well unless assisted by other ingredients. So you really won’t get the desired effect.

Health Benefits of Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansers

A true oxygen colon cleanser releases oxygen into your digestive system. From there, it is transported throughout your body as well. This is important because the friendly bacteria in your colon need oxygen to function correctly. By helping to feed the friendly bacteria in your colon, they can more effectively fend off the bad bacteria. In this way, a well-balanced environment is created in your digestive tract.

The oxygen also oxidizes the entire bowel, which helps keep it clean. This reduces the chances of becoming constipated or developing impaction. In addition, an oxygen colon cleanser helps increase the level of Oxygen Reactive Species (ORS) in your colon, which stimulates lymphocyte production. By stimulating the lymphocytes, more T-cells are produced in turn, and this helps improve overall immune system function.

How Do I Recognize the Best Colon Cleanse Product?

Unfortunately, many manufacturers make false claims about selling the best colon cleanse product. And, since herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent outlandish claims. Some even include ingredients that act counter-productively. For example, some contain Ascorbic acid, which is a strong antioxidant. As such, it essentially neutralizes any benefits you gain from the released oxygen!

The only way to determine if the product is an oxygen-based colon cleanser is to perform a titration test. A titration test demonstrates whether or not oxygen is actually being released. It can also measure duration of the oxygenation effect. At this point, there are only two products on the market shown to release oxygen for over 16 hours: Oxy-Powder® and Homozon.

You also need to consider the efficacy of the oxygen being released, which is measured with electromotive force. Most products on the market have an electromotive force of 1.23 or less. The only two possessing a high electromotive force are Homozon and Oxy-Powder®, with Oxy-Powder®’s 2.4+ rating being the highest.

Although Homozon is a worthy competitor, Oxy-Powder® is probably the best colon cleanse product available. This is because Oxy-Powder® provides a safer amount of oxidative effect but also contains Germanium-132 (GE-132). GE-132 is a powerful oxygen facilitator, meaning it helps stimulate the immune system by raising the oxygen uptake potential of living cells so the generated oxygen can actually be utilized rather than wasted.

With the help of GE-132, Oxy-Powder® is capable of releasing over 60,000 ppm of oxygen and has been shown to be consistently 6% oxygen in content. Homozon, on the other hand, is not consistent. In fact, it varies anywhere from 4% to 6% oxygen. It also releases only 55,000ppm of oxygen. The math would seem to speak for itself, but conduct your own research and find the best colon cleanse product that’s right for you.

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